Make Your Own Fairytale #3

What’s the story behind this drawing and the words that come with it? And what about the riddle? Have fun!

Colorful Happiness Fairy Tale

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19 Responses to Make Your Own Fairytale #3

  1. Austenite78 says:

    I don’t have a clue, but I have just eaten a lot of watermelon with my dinner LOL

  2. Love it. Don’t understand it but love it.

  3. Elise Stokes says:

    No clue, but I think I want to live there.

  4. LisaJeyDavis says:

    hmmm… now that’s a tough one…. I’m going to have to think about that!!!

  5. MsCheevious says:

    Looks like someone’s been doing a LOT of drinking, and it involved Watermelon and Pear margaritas and vodka martinis for the olives and peppers… the floating villages, lavender fields, the boy flying on a seagull… sounds to me like the effects of mixing all of that in one night. LOL!!! Was I even CLOSE?

  6. Are you trying to imply we should give up the snacks and eat healthy? Or, is it like Lisa says, you’ve been indulging in a little liquid fun? :-)

  7. Anne-Marie says:

    I would build a ladder to the watermelon and a slide to the lavender.

  8. I’m hungry now and I want to fly through blue skies on a seagull whilst eating olives, smelling lavender and listening to the pepper trees sing as I look for the lonely pear so I can give it some watermelon sun :) Unfortunately, I’m stuck in a floating village.

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