Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Banana Bread Muffins with Lemon Zest

Banana Bread Muffin con ScrittaI’m proud to announce another culinary success in the gluten-free, dairy-free muffins department. Today, I used the basic recipe for the banana bread my friend gave me (again, thanks S.) and I substituted some of the ingredients. Final result, mouthwatering and heavenly smelling.

What I had in the pantry:

2 Ripe bananas

2 Eggs

3/4 Cup Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

2 Cups Gluten Free Pantry Old Fashioned Cake & Cookie Mix

1 Lemon

How I made the Banana Bread Muffins

I preheated my old, battered oven at 350F. I mixed all the ingredients together with the Kitchenaid until the bananas were completely dissolved. Grated the lemon zest and added the peel to the mix, which it had a thick consistency. Then I poured it in the previously oiled muffin cups and put them in the oven. 25 minutes later the muffins were done. Truth to be told, they could have cooked a few minutes less, but my oven is not reliable. They passed the biting test though and the picture above shows one of the actual muffins. Enjoy.

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