Artrage: airbrush and pencil on special paperDigital art, mixed media, created with Art Rage. All drawings are also posted on my gallery on deviantart.

19 thoughts on “Drawings

  1. Maria E. Rossell says:

    Hi Monica,
    You are definitely a true artist. My favorite painting is the onevif the fish and the facade of thd church..is it a church?

    Congratulations for your fine work and keep it up.
    Hugs, Maru

  2. Monica, Your art is so cool, especially since I have been to some of these sites in Italy and recognize them. I have been trying to find a way to illustrate a children’s book and your drawings inspire me to try Art Rage.

  3. Mille grazie for your drawings– it has been too many years since I have traveled in Italy (other than one pilgrimage to Roma from where we lived in Porto/Vila Nova de Gaia). Had I the choice right now, I’d leave chilly, rainy, dreary Seattle and return to where the sun, and the coffee, and the food, and (etc.) are more consonant with my spirit.

    [Si, I too have ended up in Seattle, as I married a native and our grandchildren are in Renton!]

  4. I stumbled upon your site while I was suddenly in the mood for a new La Porta book and love that you also have such vibrant drawings. Wow! They really have a strong feel to them, much like your books. Small world- your daughter was a great student in a biology class I TA’ed at UW and she lead me to your books (so glad, they really make me smile) and I can really see her strengths and intelligence in your work. Shout out to you both from currently sunny Olympia and hope you all are well! Ok, back to shopping for my next read ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi, Lauren, your message filled me with so much joy. Thank you for your kind words for me and Gaia. The world is truly small, my co-author for the Domino series is from Olympia as well! Recently, I also started writing Regency and creating acrylic pouring paintings. I’m not doing a good job at keeping this blog updated, but I’m better at posting on FB ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’d like to keep in touch or have any questions about my work, you can add me on FB. Have a fantastic week!

      1. L. Clark says:

        Fabulous, I’m sort of on FB and will check that out, thanks! Funny how full of inspiration the PNW is, eh. Small world indeed. Acrylic pouring painting is amazing and so addictive to watch, very cool! Thanks for the update ๐Ÿ™‚

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