The Hidden Demon is out for preorders!

THD multiplied and flames

The Hidden Demon, book #4 in The Immortals, is available for preorders on both Amazon and Smashwords. As per my previous releases in this series, I will price it at 99 cents only at launch. It is my way of thanking my loyal readers who never cease to amaze me with their kindness.






The Hidden Demon:

A pariah among paranormals, Peter can touch the dead and read their last thoughts. Once an angel, now a demon, he is only tolerated by most because of his gift. Cursed with the power of influencing every woman or man he touches, Peter has lost any hope to experience true intimacy and companionship.
Headstrong and sensual as only werewolves can be, Ophelia is desperately in love with her best friend, Samuel, who is in love with someone else. In the middle of her personal crisis, Rome is taken by storm by the latest archeology discovery, and as a forensic anthropologist, Ophelia is called to shed some light on the remains of a young couple embraced for eternity.
Peter is sent to the site to help identify the dead. Amidst Roman villas’ ruins and a mystery that has lasted for two millennia, he meets the striking werewolf, and Ophelia’s exotic beauty and sharp tongue pique his interest immediately.
Ophelia, too, is affected by Peter’s magnetism. Despite her heart belonging to someone else, Ophelia feels a pull toward Peter at first sight. An attraction that only grows stronger despite her doubts.
Unfortunately, what has started like any other reading for Peter soon becomes a nightmare in which real enemies from several factions want him and Ophelia dead rather than let them discover the truth.
Will they survive a manhunt the likes of which Rome has never seen? But most of all, will Peter and Ophelia remain unscathed by the fire of their burning passion?

The Hidden Demon is out for preorders!

Stories on the Go: 101 very short stories by 101 authors

Stories on the GoI lurk every day on several forums, but the one place where I spend most of the time I should otherwise engage in writing is the Writers’ Café on the KBoards. If you write, I strongly suggest you to visit the Writers’ Café and mingle. Even a social media-shy person like me feels welcome there, and the amount of information you’ll receive about the publishing craft is priceless. Maybe a year ago, Hugh Howey launched this crazy idea on Kboards asking indies to write a short and put together an anthology. By general consensus, it was decided the pieces should have been no longer than 1000 words. I wrote my flash fiction piece and asked friends to beta read it for me. I was quite pleased with my short, Eternal Bounds, a daunting love story narrated by a ghost. Meanwhile, the original post started by Hugh Howey had reached mammoth proportions, and the project was put in standby. Several months later, the thread was resurrected and Andrew Ashling offered to help publish the anthology. Stories on the Go: 101 very short stories by 101 Authors is the result. And it’s free because, true to its original inception, the anthology is meant to be a showcase of indies’ talents. So, please, grab a copy, talk about it, and leave a review for us.

Stories on the Go: 101 very short stories by 101 authors

Christmas Lites IV

Cristmas Lites 3 x800

I am so proud to be part of Amy Eye’s Christmas charity project once again. This year, in addition to a space opera short I wrote for Christmas Lites IV, I also made the cover.

Help support the NCADV (The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence) by diving into 20 delectably wonderful Christmas tales told by authors from all over the world. Go on a space adventure, meet a demon with a heart not quite made of gold, find true love, discover a serial killer and much more. Every dime of your purchase goes to help support the victims of domestic violence. Enjoy your holiday even more knowing your purchase benefits so many people in this special time of year!

The fantastic authors who participated with their stories:

Ron C. Nieto

Phil Cantrill

Mysti Parker

Vered Ehsani

Tricia Kristufek

Jonathan Tidball

JA Clement

K.A. Davur

Frank W. Smith

Mark Mackey

Addison Moore

Amy Eye

Monica La Porta

S. Patrick Pothier

Anne Sanders

MaryMargret Tucker

A.F. Stewart

D.T. Dyllin

Angela Yuriko Smith

Brandon Eye

Christmas Lites IV

Coming Soon: The Hidden Demon

TIC promo 3

Seagulls squawked high above in the sky, and the brine from the sea tickled Peter’s nostrils. He was now replenished, but still restless. Ophelia had set his senses on fire and he gave in and touched her. He had made it look necessary to get her over the wall, but the truth was he had been dying to place his hands on her. The sparkle between them, however, that he hadn’t expected. Even through the gloves and her clothes, he had felt the synergy building between them and she had felt it too. He had never lost his control with a woman, and now, as a result, he needed to tend to his body. He thought about diving in the cold waters, but knew swimming would only excite him more. Time to collect another object for his memories collection. After a brief shower, he drove back to Rome, to the nightclub barges anchored alongside the Tiber River. He had several favorites, but decided to try a new one tonight, the Arco di Trionfo under Vittorio Bridge.

The place, nothing more than a dive despite being pretentiously named after the Arch of Triumph, was well assorted in the human variety. Peter didn’t care for alcohol, but usually a large crowd meant the beverages were either good or cheap. Or both. He couldn’t understand human’s fixation for getting inebriated. He’d never been drunk. His body metabolized alcohol at such a rate, he had never felt any effects. He also didn’t like to pick up women who were intoxicated. He wanted them to know what they were doing before he removed his gloves and touched them.

He saw the brunette before she saw him. He strolled toward her, and sure enough, she felt his presence. She smiled at him and he coked his head to the side. She nodded and followed him outside. Peter preferred the nightclub barges because there were plenty of secluded corners under the Lungotevere bridges, and he wasn’t always in the mood to follow them to their homes.

Last night, he had needed the diversion with the two women and accepted to go to the redhead’s place. But now he was going for something fast, and the arched alley just around the corner from the barge would do. The young woman was curvaceous and her hair bounced over her back. She was lovely, and kept smiling at him, but he saw beneath the façade and found her sadness.

“I’m M—”

He pushed her against the concrete wall as he lowered his mouth over hers to stop her from saying her name. Not quite kissing her yet, he whispered, “I can only give you this.” Still wearing his gloves, he brushed the side of her ribcage and stopped just under her breast. “Nothing more.”

She moaned and arched her back to press herself against him. “It’s enough.”

Peter removed his gloves and caressed her jaw. Her eyes widened at the onslaught of feelings he elicited with a single brush, lust instantaneously overwhelming her senses. He had to cover her mouth with his, least she screamed as he raised her skirt and lowered his jeans. Casting her panties aside, he joined their bodies with a swift thrust. He grabbed her legs and she was fast in anchoring herself to him as he rocked in and out of her, making sure the woman experienced the highest peaks of pleasure several times before he let himself reach completion.

He had to help her stand when he finally lowered her to the ground. Her eyes half-closed, she sought one last kiss. They asked so little of him, and a kiss meant nothing to him. His eyes went to a small barrette holding her black curls to the side. In the throes of passion, the barrette had come loose and was now dangling from a silky strand. Small, delicate fabric rosettes in pastel colors decorated it. One rosette was missing and showed the yellow glue underneath. Almost childish in his innocence, that object was his collected memory for the night. He wore his gloves and breathed a deep breath.

Coming Soon: The Hidden Demon

Zucchini Spaghetti in Tuna Sauce

I finished Nanowrimo ten days earlier and I am waiting for my editor to send me back The Hidden Demon, the fourth title in The Immortals series, and I’m also waiting for her to start working on the fifth, The Immortal Christmas. Plus, it is cold outside. Sunny, but subzero cold—in Celsius. In other words, I’m gulping down espressos by the gallons and trying not to eat the whole pantry. Did I mention that I have an Achilles Tendinitis in both ankles? So, not so mobile, lots of time to waste, and a bad case of frail nerves due to the worst astrological combination ever…

WP_20141202_18_03_41_ProTo avoid becoming a blob of unsatisfied author, I decided to invest in one of those kitchen gadgets that turn vegetables like zucchini and carrots into long strings of spaghetti-like creations. Must say I’m quite pleased with my decision.






How to make the Zucchini SpaghettiWP_20141202_18_23_59_Pro

Buy the spaghetti-maker of your choice. I used something called Veggetti, a gadget I bought at the local Bed Bath & Beyond. I only had two zucchini, but next time I’ll double that number. I passed them through the spaghetti-maker and it took only a moment to obtain the spaghetti. Very easy.

Meanwhile, I sautéed a clove of garlic in a pan with two tablespoons of evoo, added two cans of tuna (it was too much for only two zucchini), salted it, and let the sauce sauté for a few minutes.

I cooked the strings of zucchini as if I were making regular pasta, in a pot of boiling and salted water, but I rinsed it after a minute, and added the spaghetti to the tuna sauce. I checked the salt, added a tablespoon of evoo and brought it to the table. The dish was very satisfying and I’ll try different sauces next time.

Zucchini Spaghetti in Tuna Sauce