Before and After #2

Photo manipulation is a rewarding pastime.

Colorful Florence

The Original Image

A picture taken in Florence in 2007. I’m particularly fond of that Italian trip because good friends joined us for part of it.














Changed the light, color saturation, and added an oil filter with iPhoto.

Firenze iPhoto signed













Furthermore changed color saturation and light on Paint.NET and applied the ink sketch filter.

Firenze sketched and signed













Went back a step and applied the Paint.NET oil filter on the image modified with iPhoto.

Firenze oiled and signed

Before and After #2

Before and After

Drawing away toward new destinations thanks to a brand new app (for me), iPhoto.

Una finestra su Rovigno

The Original Image

A picture I took two years ago when I visited beautiful Rovinj in Croatia.












I painted the picture with Brushes for iPad and added some blank space I’ll use later.






















Then I worked on the altered image with iPhoto, changing the light and the color saturation.






















On the iPhoto layer I applied the Paint.NET ink filter. I used the blank spaces to add the image’s title and my name.

Una Finestra su Rovigno inked





















Finally, still using Paint.Net, I changed the color saturation again and applied the oil filter on top of the inked layer.

Una Finestra su Rovigno oiled





















I went back one more time on Paint.NET and I applied the oil filter directly on the picture altered with iPhoto, skipping the inked layer.

Una Finestra su Rovigno ad olio

Before and After

Friday Snippet #11

For a week at Santa Marinella, maritime city north of Rome and ancient Roman port. Today, later in the afternoon, I greatly enjoyed the refreshing breeze from the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the glare associated with the incredible phenomenon called “sun”, I suffered under the yellow light and—practically blind—wrote a staggering one thousand six hundred words. Lately, for several reasons, I haven’t been prolific, so I’m feeling quite proud of my hard work.

From TCOM, here’s snippet number eleven:

Madame Lana’s fingers came dangerously close to Marie’s moving lips, but thankfully stopped before making contact. Marie had inadvertently stepped back to avoid being touched by the rector’s cold hand and now realized she had probably offended her. Something flickered behind the woman’s eyes, something as cold as her skin. “Finish what you’re doing and go upstairs.” She barked several orders and then left the kitchen followed by two unlucky girls who were culpable of having poured one teaspoon of sugar too many in her coffee.

The chef smiled a sad smile Marie’s way and she shivered. Chef had just treated the two crying girls with the same show of affection. “I’m going to train as a nurse,” Marie said out loud to test how the idea sounded once worded.

Friday Snippet #11

Friday Snippet #10

Technically speaking there are still six minutes left before Saturday in Redmond. The fact that I’m typing from Porano in Umbria and it’s already 8:54 of the next morning it only proves the Earth isn’t flat after all. It’s not cheating.

Before it’s too late, here is the snippet from this week. TCOM, again.*

Marie had been taught that ending in a waste plant was a better fate than serving as a mother, but she wasn’t sure Carnia would be happy. “She’ll be fine, don’t worry.” She didn’t have a clue of what she was talking about, but she felt the need to reassure Verena once more. The wind shook the branches with more strength and the whole green umbrella swayed under the assault. Something swiftly moved at the corner of Marie’s eye and she automatically turned to her right only to see Grant stepping back into the shadows of the corner. He was listening. Her heart skipped a beat.

“What was it?” Verena tilted her head and Marie rearranged her body in a useless attempt at hiding Grant’s presence when he was probably already gone.


“A cat, probably.”

Marie wished she was alone. “Yes, a cat.” He wants to know about Carnia. She felt her stomach contract.

*For the sake of being honest, it’s now 12:01 in Redmond, which it means it’s a Saturday snippet after all. Oh well, I did try…

Friday Snippet #10