Before and After #3

During our trip in the beautiful land of Umbria in 2007, we shot several hundreds pictures. In the ethereal city of Assisi, resting place of San Francesco, I discovered several hidden corners that begged to be immortalized.

Angolo Verde

The original picture














The image after a touch of iPhoto: the usual corrections, light balance and oil filter to the minimum.














The ink treatment with Paint.NET and a slight alteration of the light balance.

Angolo verde di Assisi, inked













Then, the softness of the oil color filter for a more whimsical rendition.

Angolo Verde, colori ad olio













Finally, to have some fun I applied the ink sketch filter right after the oil color plus the usual light adjustment. Love Paint.NET.

Angolo Verde, ink e colori ad olio insieme

Before and After #3

Before and After #2

Photo manipulation is a rewarding pastime.

Colorful Florence

The Original Image

A picture taken in Florence in 2007. I’m particularly fond of that Italian trip because good friends joined us for part of it.














Changed the light, color saturation, and added an oil filter with iPhoto.

Firenze iPhoto signed













Furthermore changed color saturation and light on Paint.NET and applied the ink sketch filter.

Firenze sketched and signed













Went back a step and applied the Paint.NET oil filter on the image modified with iPhoto.

Firenze oiled and signed

Before and After #2

Le Me #2, Whiter Than White

Yesterday it was a great day. Italy won against Germany and advanced to the final on Sunday. Pax got its first review on Amazon and Goodreads. I decided to celebrate with purple highlights. Photo manipulation came later at night, when I was too excited to go to sleep.

This is me, with less color than usual and sketched with Paint.Net.

Monica fumetto

Le Me #2, Whiter Than White