Before and After #3

During our trip in the beautiful land of Umbria in 2007, we shot several hundreds pictures. In the ethereal city of Assisi, resting place of San Francesco, I discovered several hidden corners that begged to be immortalized.

Angolo Verde

The original picture














The image after a touch of iPhoto: the usual corrections, light balance and oil filter to the minimum.














The ink treatment with Paint.NET and a slight alteration of the light balance.

Angolo verde di Assisi, inked













Then, the softness of the oil color filter for a more whimsical rendition.

Angolo Verde, colori ad olio













Finally, to have some fun I applied the ink sketch filter right after the oil color plus the usual light adjustment. Love Paint.NET.

Angolo Verde, ink e colori ad olio insieme

Before and After #3