Nero vs. Nature Calls: the baguette wins, although temporarily

Mommy, It wasn't me

When I think Nero has finished surprising me, he proves me wrong. As I mentioned at the end of my last post, a few nights ago, after eating my supper, I went upstairs to work on some editing. I was happily committing mass-murdering of the “thats” disseminated in one of my oldest manuscript—a project I’ve been writing and rewriting for the best part of the last four years—when I heard soft whining and crying. Wondering what’s Nero’s done now, I left my desk only to find him halfway through the stairs, still whining despite his mouth is full. Half baguette is still visible. I didn’t even bother to reprehend him. It was my fault after all. I should’ve removed the baguette from the table. It doesn’t matter it was lying at the very center of said table. Nero knows how to lower the tablecloth to bring food closer to his reach. Anyway, after dancing a little bit on the stairs, we went downstairs and still whining he tapped on the French door leading to the backyard. I opened the door for him and waited to see what he was up to. Normally, when he steals food from the garbage can he likes to go out to eat it. It was cold and he kept whining so I told him he could get inside and have his way with that piece of bread. Again, I should’ve known better. While looking at me with his big, liquid eyes, he squatted and pooped, baguette firmly secured between his teeth. Yes, nature called and he couldn’t let go of the baguette, so he went looking for me to have the door opened. Otherwise, I would’ve only discovered the baguette-napping by the mangled bread wrapping on the kitchen floor. Somehow, the whole experience must’ve been traumatizing because, for the first time ever, Nero didn’t eat the fruit of his bounty right away. He came back inside, went to his couch, gently laid the bread down and played with it for a while. The next morning, after a night of sleep, he went back to the couch and snatched the baguette with a vengeance, commanded to have the door opened, and then proceeded to finish what he had started the night before. Like a boss. On the same spot he had pooped. I guess he wanted to teach the baguette a lesson.


Nero and the French Baguette

Nursing the baguette

Nursing the Baguette

She made me do it

A Very Guilty beagle

Bad baguette, bad

Bad Baguette

That’s right

Eating Al Fresco

Nero vs. Nature Calls: the baguette wins, although temporarily

Nero Does it Again

And again. And again. People who own beagles know how single-minded beagles can be when it comes to food. I’m sure that Nero could learn a language or two if his meals depended on that. My furry kid is aging and slumbers by my side most of the day, but his appetite hasn’t decreased. Sometimes, the door leading to the pantry is left open—by terrible mistake—and his nose knows it almost right away. You can see him sneakily approaching the kitchen to reach the pantry and violate the garbage can. He dives inside of it, head first. Gruesome sight. Recently, due to the fact that he has gained some weight—and the afternoon walk doesn’t seem to help him losing it—we had to put him on a diet: same quantity of kibbles, but less calories. Much like a recovering addict, he has been on a food rampage ever since. Only in the last two days, Nero has started sniffing Ebelskiver Mix and cracked open a tube of anchovy paste. Today, displaying a physique I didn’t think he had anymore, he jumped at kitchen counter level and snatched a banana bread muffin cooling in its tray, without displacing the tray. Later, eyeing a pile of pizza pans on the table, he dragged the table cloth to land the pans on the floor where he could lick the crumbles of whatever we had baked on them. Where was I? Either in the bathroom, reading a book or upstairs in my studio, trying to write one. Don’t judge me.

When everything is said and done: Posthumous Photo Reportage

I guess I’ll have to buy a new can of mix…


I found him sniffing lines of white powder.


Then he rolled on the white powder. And yes, I realized after taking the pic, the Befana stockings where still there…


Finished the effect of the Ebelskiver Mix, Nero went for something stronger.

anchovy paste

After he had already devoured one muffin, he was on the prowl for the whole tray.



Are you looking at me? Are you looking at me? He seems to say. But, as you can see, he’s in very good shape right now.


Although, withdrawal is painful.


But, wait! He isn’t done yet.


Nero Does it Again

Puppy Sweetness

Last weekend, we went to pick up our beloved Nero at Castle Rock, WA, where he participated to the Beagle Field Trials with the rest of his extended family. We always have a great time at these events; nice company and lots of new puppies to cuddle and shoot pictures at.

The original picture:

Shot with my cell phone, hoping some of the puppies would pose for the camera.














After the photomanipulation with Paint.NET:

A Handful of Puppies

Puppy Sweetness

Nero, The Beagle Who Would Do Anything For Food

My beagle, Nero, is funny. I believe all dogs are funny, but beagles have something puppy-like about them and that makes them even funnier. Or maybe it’s just because Nero is my dog and I’m slightly biased. Either way, I spoil him because he deserves so.

Would you be mine?

Would you be mine









I really want some.

Want some









My Precious…

My Precious









Nero ❤ Honey Bunches of Oats.

Nero&Bunches of Oats









Beagle in the Grass.

Beagle in the Grass









Little Ball of Fur.

Little Ball of Fur

Nero, The Beagle Who Would Do Anything For Food

Writing Companions














Nero, my furry baby, has gone through a lot, but here he is by my side, on the couch. He’s only six years old and the sweetest beagle you can imagine. I write everyday while petting him; it gives me peace beyond comprehension and he makes me smile. Nero shadows me wherever I go, and, if he feels I’m upset he nudges his big, snoopy-like nose against my leg. Life is definitely better if a dog adopts you.

Beagles on a cover

Progetto Luka Concept Art










Last year, I wrote a short story about a boy and two beagles, and Alessandro, my favorite cover artist, worked on the concept art for a possible graphic novel based on it. This was the very first drawing for the cover. The project has been put on a hiatus for the time being, but Alessandro’s art deserved to be properly showcased.

Writing Companions