Nero Does it Again

And again. And again. People who own beagles know how single-minded beagles can be when it comes to food. I’m sure that Nero could learn a language or two if his meals depended on that. My furry kid is aging and slumbers by my side most of the day, but his appetite hasn’t decreased. Sometimes, the door leading to the pantry is left open—by terrible mistake—and his nose knows it almost right away. You can see him sneakily approaching the kitchen to reach the pantry and violate the garbage can. He dives inside of it, head first. Gruesome sight. Recently, due to the fact that he has gained some weight—and the afternoon walk doesn’t seem to help him losing it—we had to put him on a diet: same quantity of kibbles, but less calories. Much like a recovering addict, he has been on a food rampage ever since. Only in the last two days, Nero has started sniffing Ebelskiver Mix and cracked open a tube of anchovy paste. Today, displaying a physique I didn’t think he had anymore, he jumped at kitchen counter level and snatched a banana bread muffin cooling in its tray, without displacing the tray. Later, eyeing a pile of pizza pans on the table, he dragged the table cloth to land the pans on the floor where he could lick the crumbles of whatever we had baked on them. Where was I? Either in the bathroom, reading a book or upstairs in my studio, trying to write one. Don’t judge me.

When everything is said and done: Posthumous Photo Reportage

I guess I’ll have to buy a new can of mix…


I found him sniffing lines of white powder.


Then he rolled on the white powder. And yes, I realized after taking the pic, the Befana stockings where still there…


Finished the effect of the Ebelskiver Mix, Nero went for something stronger.

anchovy paste

After he had already devoured one muffin, he was on the prowl for the whole tray.



Are you looking at me? Are you looking at me? He seems to say. But, as you can see, he’s in very good shape right now.


Although, withdrawal is painful.


But, wait! He isn’t done yet.


Nero Does it Again

6 thoughts on “Nero Does it Again

    1. I just finished writing about Nero’s latest exploits that he came out with something even more outrageous 🙂 Post and pics will follow promptly. But beagles are among the cutest puppies, don’t you think?

      1. Can’t wait to see, and couldn’t agree more. Very very cute. Am partial to Border Collies also (two dogs here – 10-year old Border boy and 7-month Beagle girl, great combination actually for, ahem, outsmarting their owners). 😀

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