Elios: Worlds Apart, Book Two


He had no name until she gave him one. Elios has existed for eons, yet he has never lived. As a Solean Observer, his latest assignment is to study human nature. When Earth reaWorlds Apart-Elios Final.jpgches its final days, he will be the one judging whether humanity’s memory deserves to be preserved. This is not his first mission, and he is confident that he will make Lex, his Ancestor Guide, proud once again. Then, in Athens, Elios locks eyes with Gaia, and for the first time in his long life, he develops feelings he doesn’t have a name for. An impulse stronger than any he has ever felt will drive him to follow Gaia first to Rome, where she lives, and then across the ocean to the United States when she goes to study abroad. In Seattle, unable to fight his sentiments any longer, Elios finally approaches Gaia. What starts as an innocent desire to talk to her just once, soon becomes a fire Elios can’t quench. And yet, bound by his oath as an Observer, he can’t have any physical contact with her. Struggling between his duties to Solo, the planet that gave him birth, and Gaia, who has become the only reason for his existence, Elios must decide. But fate, in the form of an archeological finding discovered inside an Etruscan tomb, decides for him and Gaia, separating them. Although Elios is a companion novel to Gaia, they can be read in either order. They are both stand-alone stories from different points of view. You met Gaia and Elios in her book; now hear his story.

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