The Fifth Moon’s Tales: The First Trilogy: Valentine and Mirella

tfmt-box-setHumanity left Earth several hundreds of years ago. Shifters were among the first to board the space stations escaping from the dying planet. During the long voyage in deep space, mutations changed the paranormal passengers altering their lives forever. As a result, shifters lost their ability to reproduce and enrolled geneticists to ensure their survival.
Valentine Lobo is the last werewolf left in all the Coral System.

The undisputed leader of planet Lupine, he has been waiting for his genetically engineered bride for centuries. He has no time to court Mirella Canalis, the young woman whom he only sees as a means to an end. After all, her only reason to exist is to give the alpha werewolf an heir.
Valentine is arrogant and domineering. He must save House Lobo from oblivion. What will happen when he finally meets sweet and naïve Mirella on his wedding night?

Will love prevail over lust? Or is Valentine Lobo doomed to replay a tragedy written long ago by his ancestors?

As he faces demons from his past and enemies from his present, Valentine must fight his most difficult battle yet.

The Fifth Moon’s Tales is a 3-book boxed set and contains: The Fifth Moon’s Wolf, The Fifth Moon’s Wife, The Fifth Moon’s Lovers.

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