Nero, The Beagle Who Would Do Anything For Food

My beagle, Nero, is funny. I believe all dogs are funny, but beagles have something puppy-like about them and that makes them even funnier. Or maybe it’s just because Nero is my dog and I’m slightly biased. Either way, I spoil him because he deserves so.

Would you be mine?

Would you be mine









I really want some.

Want some









My Precious…

My Precious









Nero ❤ Honey Bunches of Oats.

Nero&Bunches of Oats









Beagle in the Grass.

Beagle in the Grass









Little Ball of Fur.

Little Ball of Fur

Nero, The Beagle Who Would Do Anything For Food

Writing Companions














Nero, my furry baby, has gone through a lot, but here he is by my side, on the couch. He’s only six years old and the sweetest beagle you can imagine. I write everyday while petting him; it gives me peace beyond comprehension and he makes me smile. Nero shadows me wherever I go, and, if he feels I’m upset he nudges his big, snoopy-like nose against my leg. Life is definitely better if a dog adopts you.

Beagles on a cover

Progetto Luka Concept Art










Last year, I wrote a short story about a boy and two beagles, and Alessandro, my favorite cover artist, worked on the concept art for a possible graphic novel based on it. This was the very first drawing for the cover. The project has been put on a hiatus for the time being, but Alessandro’s art deserved to be properly showcased.

Writing Companions


I normally try to spin sentences and words to say something funny, but this time humor fails me completely. My five year old Beagle, Bruno, has been diagnosed with advanced lymphoma, and it saddens me beyond words. 

He is the sweetest dog and has been a joy all around. Given several choices, we, as a family, have decided for Bruno to undergo a therapy of prednisone. We know that his days are counted and he will stay with us for maybe a month. He seems happy, and he can still run in the backyard with his brother, Nero. He is still chasing squirrels, bunnies, and the rare joggers who wander in the trail behind his territory.

I am dreading the moment when Bruno won’t eat anymore, because it will be the moment we have to take the final decision for him. And I don’t want to.