Friday Snippet #35

Dandelion BluesSunny again in Seattle, which in a way matches my mood. This week was eventful, but productive. Monday, The Priest’s spotlight ad on Kboards was definitely a success and several bloggers were nice enough to play along. I moved 30 copies and it’s a record for me. I know the number won’t sound impressive, but it is for an obscure indie like me. The first book in The Ginecean Chronicles will be $0.99 until Monday, then it will be back to $2.99. The editing of Prince of War is slowly getting to the point where I can see the light and for that I’m happy too. Meanwhile, I’m still rewriting Her Book. Gaia’s story is a bit of a challenge, but the more I work on it the more I like it. For several reasons, I woke up every morning of the last seven days at unholy hours. First, it was Nero. Then, it was the security system’s battery setting off between 2:00 and 3:00am. Today, I had my first espresso at 3:15 am, apparently for no reason at all. It’s 5:00pm and I’m about to crash any minute now. But before posting my snippet, I’m happy to announce I’ll be on the Tweep Nation Podcast this coming Sunday the 17th at 6:00pm CDT. That is if I manage to sleep from now till then.

And now, for this Friday snippet, here are the opening lines of a project I started a year ago and abandoned. From the unfinished YA paranormal, All the Rainbow’s Colors:

It’s too cold to walk today. I look outside the window and there’s nothing I could be interested in. I should’ve my breakfast, but I can’t find anything I like. Today, I feel blue. Yesterday, I was orange.

The lady who lives in the complex in front of mine is already out. Normally, she comes out later. I lean out to have a better look at her. Yes, she’s definitely pastel pink. I’m tempted. I want to call her. Then, I remember I shouldn’t. I let her disappear behind the corner. I start to feel the first pangs of hunger. What can I do? I can go on until lunch, I’m sure. And then what? My nose is stuck on the window when I see it.

A color explosion. Melancholy Blue. Happiness Yellow. Rage Red. Tranquility Green. Falling in Love Pink. I can’t resist the call. I outreach my hand, and I splay my fingers.

“Milla! You are going to be late, again,” my sister, Rachel, calls from the hallway.

I close my hand in a tight fist.

“Milla! Hurry up. I’m done waiting for you,” Rachel adds.

“I’m coming,” I say, but I am still looking outside with longing.

Today, I don’t want to go to school. If it weren’t so cold, I’d walk. Walking charges me with positive energy, and when I finally step inside the classroom, I’m all yellow. When I’m yellow, school hours are bearable. Teachers aren’t boring. Students aren’t horrible. When I am yellow. But, today I woke up blue.

Friday Snippet #35

Friday Snippet #11

For a week at Santa Marinella, maritime city north of Rome and ancient Roman port. Today, later in the afternoon, I greatly enjoyed the refreshing breeze from the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the glare associated with the incredible phenomenon called “sun”, I suffered under the yellow light and—practically blind—wrote a staggering one thousand six hundred words. Lately, for several reasons, I haven’t been prolific, so I’m feeling quite proud of my hard work.

From TCOM, here’s snippet number eleven:

Madame Lana’s fingers came dangerously close to Marie’s moving lips, but thankfully stopped before making contact. Marie had inadvertently stepped back to avoid being touched by the rector’s cold hand and now realized she had probably offended her. Something flickered behind the woman’s eyes, something as cold as her skin. “Finish what you’re doing and go upstairs.” She barked several orders and then left the kitchen followed by two unlucky girls who were culpable of having poured one teaspoon of sugar too many in her coffee.

The chef smiled a sad smile Marie’s way and she shivered. Chef had just treated the two crying girls with the same show of affection. “I’m going to train as a nurse,” Marie said out loud to test how the idea sounded once worded.

Friday Snippet #11

Friday Snippet #9

In Italy, visiting my parents. Umbria’s rolling hills and red terracotta roofs before my eyes, the sun lowering behind the hamlet saddled on the ridge, I’m writing under the shadow of two mulberry trees.

I’ve been busy otherwise, but here is something I wrote before leaving. This snippet is offered you by TCOM:

As Marie had imagined, the redhead wasn’t alone; Carnia was followed by Grant who kept his arm around her waist. He looked at Marie and she felt judged once again.

“Verena, please, don’t tell anybody you saw me.” Carnia’s eyes were red and swollen, her face streaked with hours of crying.

Marie felt pity at her sight, but she couldn’t understand why Carnia was taking it so hard when she clearly didn’t have a problem being around men.

“I can’t, you know that.” Verena sounded even more heartbroken than Carnia.

“I won’t leave.” Carnia’s statement had a finality Marie didn’t like.

“Don’t say it like that.” She was getting scared. It was an unfamiliar situation for her and she wasn’t sure what they were dealing with exactly. The presence of a man among them unnerved her. It was wrong. “They’ll treat you with respect. I’ve been told you aren’t forced to—” She didn’t know how to say the words without being crude.

“I won’t leave him.”

“What?” What the heck is she talking about? “Verena?” Marie looked at her roommate hoping she could confirm she had heard wrong.

Friday Snippet #9