A Book a Week

Hi, my name is Monica and I am a book-addict. If it weren’t for the rest of the world barging on my personal space I could read for days without interruptions. Quite annoyingly the dishes need to be washed on regular basis , the kids need to be fed following a breakfast-lunch-dinner pattern, the dogs need to go outside to do whatever otherwise they would do inside. In other words, life gets in the middle of undisturbed reading. To keep reading without feeling a bad human being, I have decided to justify my addiction, publicly.  I will write about what I read. One lucky book every week will receive my unconditioned attention. It sounds like a solid plan. I feel better already!


The previous writing has been sponsored by my husband’s dishwashing services.

On a complete unrelated note, the sky outside is cyclamen-violet.

A Book a Week

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