The Highly Improbable Has Happened

The stack of books is gone. I know, it doesn’t sound right. Today, in full Nanowrimo’s* madness nonetheless, I finished the last book I was reading (unfortunately nothing worth writing about, even if I hadn’t pledged my alliance to Nano for the rest of the month) and I dropped it at the return box of my Library Express. I have gone through the whole stack of books and now I feel utterly bereft. Thankfully my Kindle has my other stash ready. First on the list is Clockwork Angel by my absolute favorite author, the great Cassandra Clare. This is the book I have been saving for last (remember, I already told you about the Library Hater, aka the procrastinator), and my Kindle’s battery is low (instant karma?).  I have written my daily quota of words for my Nanowrimo project already, and I feel good. I deserve to start reading Clockwork Angel so I can write the review for you (I am that good).  Meanwhile I will clean my writing and post an excerpt from my soon-to-be-finished 50,000 words extravaganza. Happy and prolific weekend to everybody out there.

*finally the website is running!

The Highly Improbable Has Happened

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