Being Human

I have just watched Being Human, the American version of a Brit show, now airing on Syfy , and although the channel is in-famous for stellar titles like Mega Python vs. Gatoroid (I kid you not!), I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the acting and the plot. I haven’t seen the original show, so I can’t draw any comparison between the two, but the first episode of the American one delivers big time. Think about a television series about a nervous young doctor, a  handsome male nurse, and a good looking girl who is making plans to get married,  living in a big city, looking for a comfortable place to settle in, having to solve daily problems, dealing with relationships and family’s issues. What it comes to mind could be Friends 2011, right? Think again. Josh, the nervous young doctor is a werewolf; Aidan, the handsome male nurse is a vampire; Sally, the bride to be, never got to the altar, she is a ghost. They all strive to be normal, as normal as they can be.

Spoiler Alert, I am going to summarize the first episode, There Goes The Neighborhood: Part 1. Josh is an unhappy werewolf who doesn’t have a place to call home.  Aidan is trying hard not to kill humans, but has a bad night and relapses causing a coworker whom he is dating to die. He has to call for help cleaning his mess. They both work at the same hospital and Aidan suggest that they could join forces and live together. Josh agrees and after a month they find the perfect place. The only tiny problem with the apartment is that it comes with a ghost, Sally. She is new to the ghost life and she is still dealing with her status of being dead. Meanwhile Aidan is being helped by the Bishop to maintain his digression under control, but remorse about killing the innocent woman is taking its toll on him. And the Bishop seems to want Aidan to go back to his former life. Josh’s sister accidentally finds him at the hospital.  They haven’t talked in two years and she would like to have his best friend back. Josh tries his best to push her away, saying that she could never understand why he has left his family. While Sally is moping in the house and Aidan is having a good time at a vampire club with Bishop, Josh is left to face the worst fear for a reluctant werewolf: His sister follows him to the cellar Aidan has found for him to safely change when it comes that time of the month. And the door doesn’t open from the inside. Looking forward to watch the second episode.

Being Human

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