Being Human Getting Bold

Spoiler Alert on. Be cautious and use your judgment if you want to read or not what it comes next.

Good, you made the right decision. Being Human, a Syfy’s show, has definitely graduated from being the American version of the homonymous British show to being something of its own.   And it makes me happy. I had noticed a certain degree of freedom the writers took to tackle several topics, but I wasn’t expecting what happened in the last episode, I Want You Back (From The Dead).

So, accordingly to what I thought, the American show skirted the pedophilia plot. It was a tough topic to pull off, but at least the writers didn’t kill the story completely. In the British show , after the dvd accident, Mitchell and George are targeted as pedophiles, and their house is vandalized by an angry mob. The kid is ran over by a car, but at the end he walks away with his mom as a freshly turned vampire by a remorseful Mitchell.

I was surprised when Bernie, the bullied kid, was introduced in the American Being Human’s (ABH) story line in the previous episode, Children Shouldn’t Play With Undead Things. I was even more surprised when I saw the path taken in yesterday’s episode. Bernie is ran over by a car trying to escape from the bullies, while Aidan and Sally watch helplessly from a window. Aidan keeps Bernie alive using CPR, but he doesn’t turn him. Instead Rebecca decides to play house giving Aidan a kid of their own, the newly turned and highly unstable Bernie. And from there on things got interesting…

Bernie doesn’t walk out at sunset hand in hand with his mom. Bernie dies at the end of the episode. Even though I saw that coming when the two bullies are found dead in an alley, I still was surprised when Aidan killed him. It only made sense, and it changes the show completely. And I liked it. A lot.

The cherry on top of the cake? Bernie didn’t kill the bullies after all. Bishop planned everything to force Aidan’s hand. Brilliant.

On a side note, Sally finds a companion in Nic, a fellow ghost she had crush on in college. Another nice touch. Let’s see where this story goes.

Being Human Getting Bold

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