Small Details

Building 1/12 scale room boxes is one of my hobbies. A room box normally depicts one single miniature room in intricate details. In 2001 I was lucky to participate in a Brooke Tucker’s room box workshop, The Country Kitchen, just a few years before she retired. Although I never quite finished that particular project, I had lots of fun learning from a great artist. I  was also honored to sell Mrs. Tucker some of my painted miniatures. She used them for a piece commissioned by the Miniature Museum of Taiwan. Mrs. Tucker’ s elegant but informal kitchen room box was featured in the March 2002 issue of the renewed Miniature Collector magazine, where, if you have a very good eye for details, my little pieces can be found at page 58, perching out shelves and on top of a cabinet.

Some of the miniature paintings I made for Brooke Tucker and now part of a room box depicting a Tuscan kitchen that can be admired at the Miniature Museum of Taiwan:


















I used inexpensive wooden pieces normally sold at craft stores to make the jars by gluing together different parts. The apothecary urn is a miniature replica of a normal size piece I bought in Italy and that is displayed in my kitchen. I used white Fimo to model the urn.

Some other places where I talk about miniatures:

Here is a lens about the even smaller world of quarter inch scale I created for Squidoo.

Small Details

6 thoughts on “Small Details

  1. stacey says:

    These are so cool. When I was a little girl, my sister and I were really into collecting miniatures. It brings back memories!

  2. Maria E. Rossell says:

    These are wonderful little pieces. I love miniatures since I was little. Then about 17 years ago I started collecting little and miniature books both in English and Spanish language. By now I own a mini library that has authors like Shakespeare..Poe..and many others…your work is beautiful!

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