Pax in the Land of Women: Cover 1

Pax, which is currently being edited by the extraordinaire Amy, is the second installation in The Ginecean Chronicles, so its cover should immediately convey a sense of belonging to the trilogy. At first, I thought to ask Alessandro to mirror the composition of The Priest’s cover in Pax. Instead of having half face on the right, Pax’s face would be on the left. As a background, I wanted a glimpse of Ginecea City. Although the result is beautiful, after seeing the first attempt I think Pax’s cover should follow The Priest’s exact layout and feeling, but in a different shade; something blue to symbolize the city, whereas in The Priest the sepia was chosen to symbolize the desert. Also, I asked him to display the portion of the city’s image containing the statue of the Goddess instead of the ruins. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Cover 1

Pax Copertina Cartacea 2

Pax in the Land of Women: Cover 1

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