Friday Snippet #2

It’s Friday again. Time flies when you’re having fun writing two different projects and editing the last four chapters of the novel you want to publish shortly. On related news, thanks to my extraordinaire editor, Pax in the Land of Women is almost ready to see the proofreader. Oh, incommensurable joy.

This Friday snippet is from my fantasy wip, Notturno, again. Dalia is in big trouble. It’s sundown and Aragon being a diurnal has fallen into a comatose sleep. She’s just being kidnapped by a man and a woman. She can only hear their voices as she’s carried like a sack of potatoes on the man’s shoulders…

She hoped it was a bizarre dream and she would wake any moment now. The man carrying her walked at a brisk pace, climbing and stepping down at ease, as if she didn’t add any weight to his body. From what she could feel, the man wasn’t as large as Aragon, but, within the confined space of what it must have been a jute sack, she couldn’t be sure of anything.

“Who knows how much he would’ve fetched for this one?”

“She’s not much, is she? Diurnal women are normally bigger.”

“Did we get a child?”

Again with the child. I’m no child.

“No, she must be young, but she’s definitely adult enough…” The man seemed to be thinking of his next words carefully. “When I was picking her up, I—”

“You what?”

Yes, you what, idiot?

“I didn’t do it on purpose! What are you thinking that I’d check her out?” The man’s voice had that distinct quality associated with being worried and embarrassed at the same time.

“You better not.”

“Of course not! Who do you think I am? An uncivilized diurnal? Anyway, she’s a scrawny little thing. I don’t think the Venerables were going to pay much for her.”

Friday Snippet #2

6 thoughts on “Friday Snippet #2

  1. I love the dialogue and Dalia’s thoughts. I definitely want to know how/if she manages to get out of her predicament! Loved this snippet, thanks for sharing.
    Out of interest, who do you get to do your proofreading?

    1. Thank you, Clare! For The Priest I used Amy Eye’ s agency for both editing and proofreading. Amy edited it and Cassie McCown proofread it. I can recommend both. Amy does proofreading too and she’s exceptional.

      1. I’m already working with an editor, so I’ll just be looking for someone to do a final proofread for me. Thanks for the recommendation; I think that’s the best way to find the people who will help us produce the best product possible!

      2. In my case, the journey to find the right editor was quite long. Amy isn’t the first editor who worked on The Priest… Suffice to say that she’s been booked for the whole trilogy.

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