Friday Snippet #5

It’s June! The sixth month of 2012 kind of snuck up on me. Yesterday, for the first time in twelve years, after having reminded my son he had a dentist appointment, I forgot myself. I was busy working on Pax; the last stretch of corrections is taking its toll. The document, in all its 106k words, came back proofread four days ago. I implemented all the corrections made and I went jihad on ‘that’. I erased ‘that’ like my life depended on it. I sent Pax back to my editor and she reinstated the 2% of them for clarity reasons. Pax is in my court again for the last reading. Then is out of my hands. Scary, isn’t it?

Despite a blurb I should be polishing and a document I should be reading, I took a vacation from all of it and wrote my 1k for the day. Fresh from the keyboard, here is a little something from TCOM.

Marie saw him coming closer to her, she raised her eyes to look at the same thing he was looking at, and saw the quartered chunks of what had been a big cow hanging from hooks over her hiding spot. He had already taken hold of the biggest piece, when steps resonated from far away and Marie’s name was called several times. He started running, but one of the loose sandals he was wearing slipped away and he almost stumbled. He reached the floor, but to break the fall and save his face from being smashed he had to use both hands and let the meat fall. It landed with a big thud only an inch shy of hitting Marie. He followed his prized stolen possession and found her as well.

“Where’re you, girl?” Verena called from the corridor.

Marie heard her friend, but she didn’t answer. The man had brought one finger to his mouth and was silently asking her to keep quiet. His familiar green eyes were staring at her and he was slowly shaking his head.

“You didn’t see me,” he whispered and, piece of butchered animal on his shoulders, left for the same route he had come from.

Friday Snippet #5

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