One Busy Month

The Prince's Day Out Cover Paint.NET BlogI just realized it has been a whole month since my last post. To summarize more or less thirty busy days, I’ll start by saying I finished Nanowrimo. TCOM is now 90K and nowhere near its completion. There are good chances I’ll have to change the title. For a book named The City of Men, the main characters reach said city at the very end of the story and nothing really happens there. Roberto suggested to call it Journey to The City of Men and I like it. I’m still working with my editor on Prince of War. A combination of real life and fictional angst is slowing down the editing of my beloved Prince. But, we are getting there. At the end of November, the anthology Christmas Lites II was published and I’m truly proud my little fairytale is among so many great shorts. Meanwhile, I flew back to Italy to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday and I am staying in Umbria for another week. Finally, tomorrow, my first illustrated tale, The Prince’s Day Out, should be released. Crossing fingers!

One Busy Month

2 thoughts on “One Busy Month

  1. I hope your books and articles are all published in time, I bought your Christmas Lites II this afternoon and read some pages. Great reading. I will write about the experience in Goodreads and Amazon when am done. 🙂

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