I didl. Do you didl?

If you don’t, you should. My husband showed me this fun app, didlr, a few days ago and I got hooked right away. Didlr is easy to use and it has a social aspect to it that makes it even more fun. I’ve been playing with it on several devices and the one I prefer to work with is my Windows Phone. Although didlr on Windows Phone has less functions than on the Surface and iPad, I’ve created several didls on it and I’m quite happy with the results. Didlr’s palette is bright and there’s this functionality to make the colors see-through which adds a lot to the experience. Once you publish your freshly-made didl, it goes on the didl stream where didlers can vote for it if they so fancy. You can also follow and be followed by other didlr’s enthusiasts, and even answer to their didls with one of yours. Just one glance at the didl stream and you’ll be amazed by the sheer talent out there. And lastly, probably the cooler feature is that didlr replays step by step all the actions you took to create your priceless work of art. Below are some of my  didls. One of them cost me a peach cobbler. I was having too much fun drawing and the cobbler suffered irremediable damages. Nobody ate it, but I showed the friends who had invited us for dinner—and who were expecting the cobbler—my masterpiece. Rhapsody in White (which I created on my Surface and I realize now, I also misspelled) received mixed reviews. The Muse is a cruel mistress… By the way, I didl as momilp. See you there!

Rhapsody in WhiteDidlr 3

Didlr 1

Didlr 2

I didl. Do you didl?

2 thoughts on “I didl. Do you didl?

  1. Annie says:

    Yes yes!!!! I love it too – sometimes I just go in and am in wonder at people’s imagination! My friend can’t get it on her Android yet but hoping she does soon cos then we can send each other random (though less artistic) pics/didls 🙂

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