First Unofficial Reviews for The Prince’s Day Out!

My illustrated fairytale has already gathered several endorsement by important people in WP_001648the children’s book world. Two wonderful gentlekids, O. and R., were recently looking at one of my painted pumpkins and exclaimed, “It’s from The Prince’s Day Out!” It felt good to have my art recognized by two young readers.  

Also recently, my niece Marisa, who is studying psychology, was asked to write an essay on a children’s book and she chose The Prince’s Day Out. I was touched by what she had to say about it.

Here is a translated excerpt from Marisa’s essay:

Monica dedicates her fairytale to her children asking them, “Don’t ever stop dreaming”.

Thanks to this short story we can learn and understand fundamental values like hope, love between family members , and the determination to overcome obstacles…

Life is not always beautiful and easy as it looks. Unfortunately, bad things can happen and we have to react, to find the strength within ourselves to go forward, because if we really want to achieve something we must fight and never lose hope. Because life is a continuous challenge…

Thanks to this fairy tale we can understand how important it is to stimulate and develop our imagination, to be mentally more flexible, and imagine better worlds. We are reminded of the importance of a loving and supportive family, but also of the importance of  never lose hope!

It is said … “Dreams are wishes …” But we have to fight for our dreams, for what we believe, and do not let our dreams dry like tears on our pillows. We must try to make them a reality so that we earn our happiness…

Isn’t this the most amazing review, or what? And she’s barely 14!

First Unofficial Reviews for The Prince’s Day Out!

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