The Cougar and the Cub

In the process of posting my Friday Snippet, I got sidetracked. Not that it takes me  great effort achieving distraction… it isn’t a coincidence my furry baby is a beagle. Anyway, looking for a pic to accompany my latest excerpt, I remembered just recently I asked my dear hubbie to shoot some pics of me and Nero. Applied some Paint.NET to the original and then I thought about an apt title. I think I nailed it.

Monica and Nero 2013

*Behind me, there’s part of Roberto’s and mine comic collection. Some of the magazines are still wrapped in their original bags. We collected double issues of the X-Men until we we got married, then we decided our relationship was serious enough to switch to one subscription. That’s love and commitment for you.

The Cougar and the Cub

2 thoughts on “The Cougar and the Cub

  1. Pleased it’s a sunny day for you, Nero & his person look great. A little story, my secret addiction was “Spiderman” & “Daredevil” collected from the first issue (they didn’t arrive over here in the UK until the early 70s) & kept them all in my dad’s garage. When we moved, mum threw them all away. Still tease her about it.

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