Wolf Pack Sale and Giveaway: Shifters only

Lately, I’ve found this fabulous group on Facebook, The Wolf Pack: For Readers Who Like a Good Howl and I confess I spend lots of time browsing the other authors’ posts looking for my next paranormal/shifter themed read. When the opportunity for a joined sale arose, I immediately signed The Hidden Demon for it, because I knew that Peter’s and Ophelia’s story would be a perfect fit. All the shifter titles below are either 99 cents or free, but, please, double check before buying.

All the books on sale (99cents or FREE) are listed below
remember, prices can change without notice so verify before you buy!
Amazon Gift Cards

Available on AMAZON… (note: many of these titles also available on other retailers; click here to see descriptions and links for all retailers!)

Wolf Pack Sale and Giveaway: Shifters only

2 thoughts on “Wolf Pack Sale and Giveaway: Shifters only

  1. Buona sera, Monica!

    I tried four or five of the buttons before giving up– every one was $2.99 or more. I’ll give you credit for trying, but there is a reason they call them “loss leaders” in the business, and Amazon isn’t fond of making losses.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry you missed the sale. The Wolf Pack Run lasted a few days, but ended a week ago. Usually, authors try to have at least one or two titles for sales–I do have a few freebies and a discounted title at the moment. If you saw anything you liked, try and see if that author has any other title for sale on Amazon. Sometimes, you find real gems! I personally found several series that way and ended up buying the author’s entire catalogue. Good luck!

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