A Wolf’s Hunger: Malcolm – Excerpt

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Malcolm couldn’t believe what was happening. Never in his life had he acted on pure impulse. Yet, here he was, driving a woman he had just met to his home, his sanctuary, and he could barely contain himself to his side of the car. The need to touch her devoured him.

“Here we are,” he announced through gritted teeth, parking in front of his cottage.

“Thank the Goddess. I don’t think I could’ve waited a moment longer.” Julia surprised him by grabbing the lapels of his shirt and pulling him to her. Her kiss was hot and fast, igniting his passion.

Malcolm wound his arms around her back and drew her onto his lap. He caressed the inside of her mouth with impatient strokes of his tongue. Soft and warm, Julia molded her body against his, eagerly following his lead. Her hands went to his nape, fingers tangling in his hair as she pressed against him.

At the mercy of his raging senses, Malcolm rocked against her warmth. His hands roamed all over her back and came to rest on her bottom. He pressed closer still, aligning them.

“I need you.” Julia’s hoarse plea resonated loud in his ears and pushed him over the edge.

With a growl, Malcolm reached under her dress and found her panties. He tore the fabric, eliciting her sharp intake of breath. The sound cut through the sensual fog of his thoughts, and he leaned away to look at Julia.

“Don’t you dare stop now,” was all she said before pushing against his hand.

She was hot to the touch and ready for him. His finger slid inside her tight channel, and it felt like heaven. Julia shuddered, her hand reaching down for his belt. As he pumped in and out of her, she moaned and struggled to free him from the confines of his jeans.

“Let me help you,” he whispered, trying to open his pants with one hand. If her fingers had fumbled with the jeans’ buttons, his attempt wasn’t any less clumsy. Laughing, he leaned his forehead against hers but didn’t remove the hand cupping her mound. Instead, he added a second finger, gently stretching her.

His intimate caress made her whimper softly. Soon, she began rocking against his hand. Malcolm took possession of her mouth, mimicking with his tongue the thrusts of his fingers until she trembled against him. Her channel throbbed, and he slowly pumped inside her, letting Julia ride her release. When she slumped against him, he finally managed to unhook his jeans. Julia’s hand immediately closed around his hardness, guiding him toward her core.

Malcolm’s wolf howled in his mind. As Julia lowered herself onto him, his wolf mated with hers, biting the she-wolf on her neck. The wolf’s act was momentous. It finalized the union between the two animals with the most sacred of ceremonies for a werewolf.

Julia’s eyes widened, panic etched in her fearful gaze as she hastily raised herself and scrambled back to her seat. Panting, she smoothed her dress over her tightly closed legs, then opened her mouth to talk, but not a sound escaped her lips.

Malcolm, too, was speechless.

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