A Wolf’s Hunger – Malcolm

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Life after a nasty breakup can be hard. A lengthy and painful divorce hardens even the gentlest of men. Can two lost souls find love again when their hearts have been broken in a thousand pieces?
After a long day at the office, Julia catches her boyfriend cheating on her, in their bed. It would be enough to send any she-wolf into a rage, but Julia only allows herself one good cry before deciding to buy plane tickets for a much-needed vacation.
A gentle giant of a werewolf, Malcolm is both the alpha for the Sunrise Pack and the mayor of Angel’s Pass, and he’s trying to keep it together for everyone’s sake. Not an easy task when his ex refuses to let go of him even and a mysterious hunger leaves him bereft. 
Brought together by common friends, Malcolm and Julia must brave through a microbrewery inauguration, a renegade attack, and an attraction at first scent that will leave them breathless.