Pax in the Land of Women


Love doesn’t obey preordained rules. Sometimes, social status and gender mean
nothing. The purest of affections can be born between two people living in
different worlds. In a society where women rule over an enslaved race of men and
love between a woman and man is considered a perversion, Pax’s and Prince’s
union is destined for a tragic end. Coming from an existence of privilege, Pax
has never endured harshness. She has never had any reason to doubt the rules
Ginecea was built on. Everything changes when she is sent to spend her summer on
a desolate farm and is exposed to the ongoing brutalities against defenseless
men. A wrong turn leads her to witness Prince’s thrashing at the hands of the
guards. One look from him and Pax’s perfect life is shattered, the memory of his
dark eyes haunting her night and day. As a pure breed, born to one of the most
prestigious family in Ginecea, she would have never thought it possible to fall
in love with a man. Marked as a sinner, Pax abjures her ancestry to save
Prince’s life. She hopes they can disappear into the desert, but social
prejudice and political schemes give them no respite. The Priestess, the ruler
of all Ginecea, has other plans for Pax Layan and her family.
Second in The Ginecean Chronicles, Pax in the Land of Women is a dystopian tale set on the planet Ginecea. Available on Amazon.

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