Prince at War

PRINCE-AT-WAR-Copertina-Finale-Amazon.jpgThe City of Men has been destroyed.
The pure breeds want him dead.

Prince is still running for his life. This time, he’s not alone. Pax and the
rest of the survivors count on him to keep them alive in the unforgiving desert.
Pursued by the heartless Priestess and the President of Ginecea, Prince and Pax
fight to find a haven for their unborn child. He knows the two women won’t stop
at anything to achieve their goal. But he can’t fathom the true reasons behind
their motives.
Ginecea wants the heads of anyone who helped the fugitive men
and nobody is safe. Not even the fathered women, slaughtered by a Priestess
crazed by hate. The world is in an uproar and Pax and Prince stand in the eye of
the storm.
Prince at War is the third book in The Ginecean Chronicles, a
series set in the dystopian world of Ginecea where women rule over enslaved men,
and heterosexual love is the ultimate sin. Available on Amazon.

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