Kendall: A wolf’s Hunger Alpha Shifter Romance



A Wolf’s Hunger: It can’t be stopped
Betrayed by his brother and his ex-fiancée, Kendall McKenzie’s heart is cold as ice and he no longer believes in love. If it weren’t for his responsibilities as an alpha, he would have left the Seattle’s Wolf Pack to disappear into the wilderness and good riddance to bad rubbish. But he can’t even escape the pack grounds for a weekend without reality intruding in his carefully arranged plans to drink himself to oblivion. Little Wolf, his beta, has taken upon himself to accept an invitation to a Hawaiian getaway on Kendall’s behalf.
Juliette Kewada is one of the few She-Alphas in the States and the leader of the Honolulu Wolves. Her pack is going through a rough patch, and she has her hands full with rebellious teenagers and neighboring alphas challenging her leadership at every turn. The last thing she needs is a mate. Especially an alpha mate.
But as soon as Kendall arrives in Honolulu, a mysterious hunger strikes both of them, sending them on a wild chase that will change their lives forever.
Two strong-minded Alphas. A soul-consuming Hunger. Will Kendall and Juliette find their happily-ever-after?

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