The Making of Elios’s Cover

Or the ceaseless quest for that perfect image.

Elios Amazon 3 ritoccata

As it had already happened a few months ago when I published Prince at War, I hit the button to release Elios into the Amazon wild with a temporary cover. The image I wanted had the wrong measures and wouldn’t fit the required parameters.

The preliminary stock images I bought for the cover:

Portrait Of Young Man Sunset in alien planet

Temporary Cover:


Image I wanted in the first place:


Alessandro Fiorini, my cover artist and miracle worker sent me a mix of the two:

Elios Amazon 3_bak

I decided I had bothered Alessandro enough already, opened Corel Painter and added the lapis lazuli accent to Elios’s eyes, plus a little bit of turquoise here and there on the sky.

Elios Amazon 3 ritoccata

The end…?

The Making of Elios’s Cover

Double release for Gaia and Elios

Elios 2

Gaia & Elios are finally out! To honor my loyal readers who have supported me above and beyond my expectations, both books will be $2.99 for two weeks, then they will go up to  $5.99, their normal price. My first two romance/science fiction titles, Gaia and Elios are set between Greece, Italy, Seattle, and far away distant planets. Now, alien societies and Etruscans have something in common…

Gaia finale harback

Double release for Gaia and Elios