The Lost Centurion’s new look

Having finished writing The Lonely Wolf, I am in between projects, so I decided to give The Lost Centurion a makeover. I am still undecided on the background color for the cover, and I’m tinkering with the blurb. Thoughts?


The Lost Centurion

The chains of Love are stronger than the bonds of Revenge

Marcus has sworn to avenge his wife’s death—even if it takes an eternity to hunt down the vampire who murdered her.

Once a Roman Centurion, Marcus is now immortal and, for the past two thousand years, impervious to human emotions but for his hatred for the vampire race. Until the night he rescues one of them, a frail newborn vampling, Diana, and she becomes his responsibility.

Hunted by vampires, Marcus must choose between avenging his dead wife or saving Diana from the same man who ruined his life. Will the power of love win over his desire for revenge? Bewitched by the Amalfi moon, he soon discovers life might still surprise him.

The Lost Centurion’s new look

A. K. Michaels’s New Series’ Cover, Blurb, and Teasers!

untitledAuthor A. K. Michaels has just announced the release date for The Dragon and The Vampire, the first title in the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau series. Mrs. Michaels’s new book will be out September the fifth, but since I can’t wait that long I asked for an ARC copy. And if you take a look at those teasers below, you’ll understand why I must read it now. Plus, I love dragons.

Ronan teaser - old witchy

Sam teaser

A. K. Michaels’s New Series’ Cover, Blurb, and Teasers!