Christmas Tree Felt Ornaments

It isn’t even close to Easter yet and we have already put down the Christmas ornaments. Italian humor aside, my husband bought two light boxes to take some pictures at my felt creations. Here are some of my Christmas ornaments.

Lavori Monica-6575Lavori Monica-6564Lavori Monica-6571Lavori Monica-6558Lavori Monica-6554

Lavori Monica-6556Lavori Monica-6525Lavori Monica-6515

Lavori Monica-6529

Lavori Monica-6521

Lavori Monica-6597

Lavori Monica-6608

Christmas Tree Felt Ornaments

I felt It

A few years ago, I discovered the wonderful world of felt craft a` la Japanese. Instantly hooked. Eventually, I made several dozen decorations all dessert and sweets themed to decorate the Christmas tree.









I felt It

Zero Calories Sweets

Would you eat those chocolates?

Zero Calories Chocolates

I don’t remember how, but a few years back I discovered the incredible world of Japanese craft. The wondrous discovery  sent me on a buying frenzy on eBay. Not knowing the language didn’t discourage me in the least. I bought several books about felt craft and then I proceeded to study the pictures and interpret the instructions by looking at the images. One of the funniest project was decorating the Christmas Tree with felt goodies. I found working with felt relaxing, because it’s easy, fast, and the rewards are immediate.

Zero Calories Sweets