Before and After #4

The title should be Friday Snippet#something, but I landed in Washington State a few hours ago and unless I’ll be struck by the literary Muse later on during the day, I’m afraid there will be only awesome photo manipulation to look at this glorious Friday. It could be worse. I could hit you with some of my sad-days writing. And nobody wants to read that, starting with yours truly.

For this Before and After post I used a recent picture I shot at my parents’. On the front side of their house, under a lovely window that already got one of my makeover treatments, there’s this big terracotta vase that used to host a magnificent aloe plant. This year, winter in Umbria was particularly rigid and the poor plant suffered under the freezing snow and died. Now, only its ghost remains.

The Long Gone Aloe

The original image shot with my iPad. Unrelated to the quality of the picture and also unnecessary to the post, but my iPad has a pink cover. From my laptop to my cell phone, everything is pink. Just to give some background noise. I’m aware I should be writing my daily quota of words instead…

Vaso immagine originale rigirata


















During my flight from Rome to Amsterdam, I worked on it with Brushes for iPad: a little bit of accent here and there to make the colors shine and wrongly positioned the picture inside the canvas. No worries, nothing it can’t be fixed later.

Brushes Long Gone Aloe

The flight is only two hours, but it’s plenty of time to play with iPhoto and accentuate the color contrast and apply an artistic filter, a light oil.

The Long Gone Aloe











Time for some Paint.NET magic and the ink sketch filter. Also, some much needed cropping.

The Long Gone Aloe sketched















After the ink filter, I went back one step as usual and applied the oil filter on the iPhoto image.

The Long Gone Aloe oil















Finally, I applied the ink sketch filter on the oil image. This time, I must say this is probably my favorite of the whole bunch.

The Long Gone Aloe oil and ink















All in all, it was a productive way to spend a two hours flight, me thinks.

Before and After #4