Quick Artichoke Aioli

Artichoke Ajolli signed












Tonight, it was one of those nights when it’s late—it was curriculum night—and you don’t have time to prepare anything that doesn’t come out of the microwave, but you still want to eat something good and possibly light in calories.

What I had in the pantry:

1 Can of artichokes

2 Tablespoon of Trader Joe mayonnaise (I must insist on the brand because it’s the one that comes closer in taste to the Italian mayonnaise)

1 clove of garlic

Habanero salt

1 Turkey patty burger

How I made the artichoke aioli sauce:

I already said it was one of those nights… I threw the artichokes, mayonnaise, garlic, and habanero salt into the blender and blend them I did. That’s it. I even cooked the Turkey patty in the microwave. I drowned the burger in a liberal amount of sauce and greatly enjoyed every bite of it. It was delicious and I have leftover sauce to spice up sandwiches and tramezzini.

Quick Artichoke Aioli