Friday Snippet #15

Here it is, and it is still Friday here in the Pacific Northwest.

From X, my little fun project which is getting darker and darker:

With uncertain steps, her heels loudly clicking on the stones, Allegra led the way to her parents’ house, a mere fifteen minutes away from the bridge. A few people hurriedly walked through the alleys, disappearing behind darkened glass doors. She took a good look at the buildings, at first incapable of understanding what was different. Then, she saw it.

“It’s early,” Julius said, “It’s not surprising there aren’t lots of people around.” He didn’t comment on the darkened glasses.

Every single soul on Terra knew of Cartaghena’s see-through skyscrapers. It was as if the fires that had ravaged the earth had also obscured the city’s soul. It was a morbid thought and Allegra didn’t need it.

“I’m sure there’s a reason.” Again, Julius had connected his aura to hers.

“It doesn’t seem right.” Allegra let him calm her. “Thank you.”

“Anything for you.” It was his usual response, but somehow his words sounded different.

She dared looking up and Julius averted his eyes, but she caught a lingering pale blue shade flickering through his aura before he could revert to neutral once more. Longing.

Unsettled by nuances of feelings she couldn’t decipher, Allegra hurried her steps, his hand protectively splayed on her back. Although she was his eyes, in moments like these she couldn’t have walked a single step by herself.

Friday Snippet #15

Friday Snippet #12

Back in Umbria to my parents’. A heat wave has been following me from the sea to the hills and only at night temperatures lower to reasonable digits. Today, despite the merciless weather condition, I wrote 2k words. Too bad they are the only words I typed in a week.

Although I should be working on both projects, my mental energies are depleted and I can’t see a clear path out of an impasse in the fantasy plot. Therefore, dystopian TCOM it is, again.

The man under the brunette’s care moaned in pain as she threaded the needle in and out of his skin. “I’m sorry, but it’s better this way. The longer it takes the more painful it is for you.” She patted his arm in a display of tenderness Marie found out of place. “The rector sent me another useless, snotty girl,” the brunette said under her breath, but loud enough to be heard. The man smiled through thin, bloodless lips.

Marie had already reached the door and was looking longingly at the darkness of the stairs, when the brunette called her back, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I thought—” Sweat freezing on her forehead, Marie understood she wasn’t getting away from that job.

Friday Snippet #12

Friday Snippet #7

And, esteemed ladies and jellyfishes*, we have lucky number seven today. I took the whole week as a mental vacation and stood by it. Not a single rational thought was produced in the last seven days. If you ask me, it was a difficult task to accomplish, but I am truly that good.

Another snippet from TCOM.

Four or five more bursts of applauses and another elder, a slightly less exalted copy of the first, took her spot to tell the first story of the night.

Marie liked to hear a good tale like anybody else and her eyes and focus zeroed in on the newcomer.

“Darlene is one of the best storytellers, you’ll see.” Cina elbowed Marie. “I’m sure you’ve never heard anybody so good.”

Cina wasn’t exaggerating; Darlene had a gift. The whole time the elder spoke, not a single breath was heard. Darlene’s voice was pleasant enough, but the quality of the narration was what kept everybody glued to the story she was slowly unraveling.

“What a complicated plot, and with so many characters—” Marie shook her head in awe, unable to shush her inner thoughts. “She sure has a great imagination.”

“It is said she’s friend with one of the guards…”

“Oh, do you mean…?” Marie lowered her voice to a whisper.

“I mean what you’re thinking. Darlene has special permission to watch TV with her pure breed friend.”

“I’d give anything to watch a TV show again.” Marie’d had a glimpse of a television show once at the Institute and sighed at the memory.

*loosely stolen from Eddie Izzard, one of the funniest men on earth.

Friday Snippet #7