Tozzetti Tricolori

Tozzetti Tricolore

Every year, my husband and I bake tozzetti for Christmas. It wouldn’t be Christmas without the aroma of chocolate and cinnamon wafting from the oven. We normally follow the recipe my mother in law gave us when we left. It is a traditional recipe from Civitavecchia; one of those Italian recipes passed down for generations and that were originally  meant for very large families. This year, I used the basic recipe and substituted some of the ingredients to create a tricolor effect resembling the color of the Italian flag, also known as Tricolore.

Ingredients (using one egg and everything else in proportion)

1 egg

120g sugar

50g cranberries

50g pistachios

100g butter

200g flour

100g white chocolate drops


Let the butter soft at room temperature and then mix together all the ingredients, working the dough with your hands. Make two logs and carefully flatten them on the cookie tray previously  greased with butter. Bake at 350F for 20/25 minutes (depending on your oven.) Let them cool before cutting the logs or they’ll crumble. Merry Christmas!


Tozzetti Tricolori