Lucky Number Seven!

I was tagged by John Rykken, author of Bloodwood to play a twitter game called “Lucky Number Seven.” The rules are simple, go to page seventy-seven  of your latest work, published or in progress, count seven lines, then copy the next seven lines. The next step in the game is to tag four victims authors.

My seven lines are from Pax in the Land of Women, second book in The Ginecean Chronicles.

She couldn’t bear that he had been treated like an object. “I couldn’t just let them kill you.” She touched his face, tracing the line of his nose and then his lips. On principle, she would have never excused the use of violence against any other human being. But she had really meant to say that she couldn’t imagine a scenario where he wasn’t alive. She just couldn’t contemplate the idea.

“I owe you my life.” Prince removed her hand and put it in his. His voice was very low, but the meaning was loud and clear.

As an aside note, I had to laugh when I saw where the lucky number seven lines were. The above passage belongs to a chapter that got the award for the most editing. Amy and I drew a line at revision number 12. Every time I think of the infamous chapter 4, I break out in hives.

Now, the nominations for the next four twitter victims players are:





Have fun. Rinse and repeat!

Lucky Number Seven!