Jason T. Graves

Jason T. Graves

Today, I’m pleased to have on my blog author Jason T. Graves who playfully accepted to answer my eight questions. His Blood Roses is an original and intriguing take on vampire and biblical mythologies with multiple twists and turns. Enter the great Indie Giveaway for a chance to win a copy.

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1.     When you were a kid you wanted to be…?

Honestly?  I wanted to be an astronaut… I always was a bit of a space case.

2.     The first book you read was…?

I have no clear memory of this, but it was probably Go, Dog, Go by P.D. Eastman.  I still love that book, although my kids keep stealing it from me.  The first novel that I read was Melor, King Arthur’s Page by Catherine Owens Peare.

3.     You discovered you were quite good at writing when…?

I have written fiction for 35 years, but never finished anything beyond a few thousand words.  Writing my Master’s Degree thesis in 2011 taught me the discipline to sit down and write a large body of work, and rewrite, and rewrite.  It was shortly after graduation that I started working in earnest on my first novel, which I finished in 25 weeks and published in 2012.  I am uncertain if I am “good” at writing, but it makes me happy and people enjoy reading what I scribble.

4.     As a reader, your favorite genre is…?

I don’t have a favorite, although I favor science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction.  I read pretty broadly—as time permits—in both fiction and non-fiction.  A writer friend inadvertently introduced me to urban paranormal erotic romance, which was an eye-opening experience.

5.     No, really, what’s that title you’re hiding in your kindle…?

The Daemon Whisperer by Candice Bundy.  It’s a great read, so long as you’re not squeamish about blood and sex.

6.     You write…?

Jason CoverWhenever I can, on whatever topic seizes me at the moment.  I am a disordered writer in many ways.  I’m quite certain I’d be a greater success at this endeavor if I could be more disciplined about writing a certain number of hours every day (and recognize that social media doesn’t count).

7.     The praise about your writing you like the most is…?

“When is the sequel coming out?” is always a good one.  It’s a nice vote of confidence that someone likes your stuff enough to spend more money on it.  Also, having my work compared to well-known authors is thrilling, but it is a lot to live up to. 

8.     What’s next…?

The sequel to Blood Roses is Morning Stars, and it is scheduled for release in late summer 2013.  If people like the first book, they’ll like Morning Stars even more.  The plot is tighter, there are new people and places, and things just get weirder and more beautiful.

Jason Cover 2I am also working on a paranormal thriller/horror novel set in the forested mountains of North Carolina, a dark and gritty near future urban thriller/romance, and a children’s novelette.  That should keep me busy this year, although I have fans clamoring for more about Gretchen Thyrd, the heroine of my On the Bridge novella.  Having too many ideas is a tough problem to live with 😉

About Jason

I live in North Carolina with my family and a menagerie of small animals.  When not spousing, parenting, and teaching, I listen to the voices in my head and write down what they say.  I think that cheese is one of the top ten things ever created by humans.

Where to find Jason and his novels

http://jasontgraves.com     Website  

https://cleverfoilhat.blogspot.com   Blog




Blood Roses on Amazon:  http://goo.gl/YwkKA

On the Bridge on Amazon:  http://goo.gl/Ww7jq

Jason T. Graves