The Immortals Collection

The Chains of Love are stronger than the Bonds of Revenge
Long after the gladiators fought in the Coliseum, ancient evils wander the streets of Rome. Only a few heroes have the power to stop them. Among them, a group of friends whose fate and the gods’ whims have united in immortality. Follow Marcus, Alexander, and Samuel as they battle their inner demons and try to save the world and their loved ones at the same time.

The Immortals Collection 1: Books 1 – 3

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The Lost Centurion

The chains of Love are stronger than the bonds of Revenge
The Roman centurion Marcus has sworn to avenge his wife’s death—even if it takes an eternity to hunt down the vampire who murdered her.
Turned immortal by a capricious god, for the last two thousand years, Marcus has been living a life devoid of love, consumed by his hatred for the vampire race. Until the night he rescues one of them, a frail newborn vampling, Diana, and she becomes his responsibility.
Tortured by his past and hunted by vampires, Marcus must choose between avenging his dead wife or saving Diana from the same man who ruined his life, only to discover that not everything is what it appears to be.

The Immortal Greek

Alexander Drako: handsome, famous, rich, and on the cover of every tabloid in Europe. He has done it all and seen it all. Born a Greek in the times of the Roman Empire, he was chosen by a capricious goddess as one of her immortal followers. With his surfer good looks and a playboy disposition, Alexander has been living the life every man dreams of, at least for the last two thousand years.
Tall, elegant, and unapproachable, Ravenna Del Sarto is the perfect example of a modern career woman. An enforcer for the Immortal Council, she brings the bad guys of the paranormal world to justice. She doesn’t have time for fun and has zero tolerance for playboys.
During the highly anticipated End of Summer party, a young immortal commits suicide by jumping from Alexander’s balcony and Ravenna is called to investigate the death. Alexander quickly learns that not only Ravenna’s walls are impenetrable to his easy smile, but she is also bringing him up on charges.
Will she detain him?
Or will his legendary charms help him out of this one?

The Broken Angel

Betrayed by the man he loved and stranded on Earth after losing his powers, Samuel is alone and broken. His black angel’s wings maimed and useless, he must go on living despite the searing pain in his heart. Unable to find peace on his own, but trying to restore it among the multitude of races composing the paranormal world, Samuel works at the Immortal Council headquarters in Rome as a liaison between species.
As the only fallen angel on Earth and despised by his former brethren, Samuel doesn’t belong anywhere. The only place where he feels at home is the gym owned by his friend Alexander Drako. Even though among the humans he must hide his true form and appear as a cripple, Samuel cherishes the hours spent in the old gymnasium, sparring away his troubles.
Martina’s life has been transformed from fairy tale to nightmare by her abusive and rich husband. A pro bono lawyer for women in need, she can’t seem to find a way to help herself. Afraid of Martina’s ex-husband’s powerful family, the authorities deny her justice and even her friends and family have deserted her. She is all alone in the world and solely dedicated to her job. Martina’s only break from her dreary reality is when she trains at Drako’s gym. One day, Drako asks her to spar with one of his friends, and she meets Samuel, a defenseless cripple who inspires Martina to protect him from the ugliness of the world.

A friendship blossoms between two broken souls. But fate doesn’t seem to smile on them. Coming from two different worlds, Samuel and Martina will soon have to fight both paranormals and humans for their right to be together.

The Immortals Collection 2: Books 4-6

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The Hidden Demon

A pariah among paranormals, Peter can touch the dead and read their last thoughts. Once an angel, now a demon, he is only tolerated by most because of his gift. Cursed with the power of influencing every woman or man he touches, Peter has lost any hope to experience true intimacy and companionship.
Headstrong and sensual as only werewolves can be, Ophelia is desperately in love with her best friend, Samuel, who is in love with someone else. In the middle of her personal crisis, Rome is taken by storm by the latest archeology discovery, and as a forensic anthropologist, Ophelia is called to shed some light on the remains of a young couple embraced for eternity.
Peter is sent to the site to help identify the dead. Amidst Roman villas’ ruins and a mystery that has lasted for two millennia, he meets the striking werewolf, and Ophelia’s exotic beauty and sharp tongue pique his interest immediately.
Ophelia, too, is affected by Peter’s magnetism. Despite her heart belonging to someone else, Ophelia feels a pull toward Peter at first sight. An attraction that only grows stronger despite her doubts.
Unfortunately, what has started like any other reading for Peter soon becomes a nightmare in which real enemies from several factions want him and Ophelia dead rather than let them discover the truth.
Will they survive a manhunt the likes of which Rome has never seen? But most of all, will Peter and Ophelia remain unscathed by the fire of their burning passion?

An Immortal Valentine’s Day

Once a playboy, Alexander Drako is now the happy father of three and eager to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special party held on Friday night to accommodate his nocturnal vampire friends. Everything is ready except for a small detail. Alexander has forgotten to buy the roses and orchids for his beloved Ravenna. Unable to disappoint her, and accompanied by his loyal friends, Marcus and Samuel, he sets out for Wolf’s Haven, a rehab center for paranormals, hoping to find some flowers left for sale in their greenhouse.
After a honeymoon around the world that lasted half a year, Peter and Ophelia have just landed back in Rome. While he would like to relax in their apartment, Ophelia is eager to see her friends. Most of all, she can’t wait to hug Quintilius, her adoptive father.
Ophelia’s call reaches Quintilius at Wolf’s Haven, where he’s volunteering, and he rejoices at finally seeing her again. However, he isn’t thrilled to see Peter, the man who stole the heart of his little princess. A sudden crisis at the rehab center forces Quintilius to focus his thoughts and energies on looking for Luisa, a girl who’s run away with a dangerous gang member.
By fate’s design, all the friends have reunited at Wolf’s Haven and agreed to help Quintilius in his quest. Will they be able to save the girl and return to their loved ones in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Raphael has nowhere to go, nobody who loves him, and his past has scarred him deeply. A young werewolf on the run, living rough in the catacombs beneath Rome and with nothing else to call his own but his freedom, he desperately tries to elude the Controller whose goal is to send him back to Renegade Youth Shelter and a life of torments.
As he lives day by day with the constant threat of being captured, his future looks dark and lonely.
That is until a chance meeting with Luisa; a werewolf like him…

The Immortals Collection 3: Books 7 – 9

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The Lonely Wolf

The archangel and the alpha werewolf, two men from rival species, an everlasting forbidden love.
A father and a son, estranged for eighteen years and reunited by fate.
Amidst bigotry and racism, Ludwig and Quintilius have been in love for almost two thousand years. Yet, their relationship is put to the ultimate test when Ludwig is named archangel, and he must decide between Quin and his brethren.
Lupo is a young, misguided werewolf in search of an identity and full of anger. Seeking to secure his position among the Reds, the most feared street gang in Rome, he commits himself to a life of crime, only to find love where he least expected.
One morning, after rescuing a vampire from a vicious werewolf attack, Ludwig makes a discovery that will link Quintilius’s and Lupo’s lives forever. But despite their good intentions, love and happiness aren’t in sight for the three men, while vampires, werewolves, and angels plot against them.


Can love conquer death?
Young werewolf Lupo has lost everything. His soulmate, Jasmine, died in a tragic accident he feels responsible for. A paranormal court sentenced him to a year in Regina Coeli, the dreaded Roman prison every paranormal fears. Regrets and past enemies haunt his long days and nights in jail, and only his imaginary conversations with Jasmine keep Lupo sane.
The date of his release comes by, and he is forced to deal with the outside world, and a reality where Jasmine is alive only in his mind.
Will Lupo find the strength to fight for his life and have the happy ending he so much deserves?

An Immortal Christmas

A rare Christmas full moon, a mislead alpha werewolf, love & betrayal, and a magic spell.
Once upon a time in Spain, Constantine was madly in love with Camelia. It didn’t matter to him that he belonged to an elitist werewolf clan and their union was doomed from the start. He was just content to be with her.
Then one sad day, Camelia left Constantine to marry an Italian werewolf. Shunned by his family and crazy with grief, he asked a warlock to put a spell on him. The request was simple. Constantine wanted his soulmate’s bonds to be revoked. The price was astronomical. If he and his ex-lover would ever be close again, he would die by the next full moon. So, he put an ocean of distance between them and moved to Seattle.
Only, Camelia is in Seattle, and the full moon is on Christmas, the next day…
Will the power of love heal ancient wounds and save Constantine’s life?

The Immortals Collection 4: Books 10 – 12

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Bound By Water

She can steal anything. Even his heart…
I’m the last merman shifter alive.
I’m also a famous painter, richer than Croesus, and not in a hurry to find a suitable mate. Someday, I’ll secure my heritage. For now, my life is perfect as it is.
And did I mention that in my spare time I help the police recover stolen art? Bringing to justice those thieves gives me a special pleasure, and I look forward to my next mission.
I’m an art thief and exceedingly good at what I do but promised never to steal again. And if my father hadn’t accumulated huge debts with the wrong crowd, I would’ve kept my word.
So here I am at night, outside the medieval castle I intend to rob when this absolute hunk of a man emerges from the sea. And what do you know, he walks up to me and kisses me.
It’s not a regular kiss either, but the stuff of legend. I kid you not. I’m so shaken, I almost forget about the heist.
Too bad there’s a werewolf biker gang after me, and I have no time for romance…

The Alpha’s Gift

The playboy dragon shifter, the orphan baby, and the nanny who will change their lives
As a dragon-shifter and one of the youngest billionaires in Seattle, I work hard during the day and party equally hard at night.
I’m fastidious about my habits and don’t like setbacks of any kind. Especially when they come in the form of a baby girl abandoned at my doorstep.
The sooner I take care of this problem, the better it is, so I can go back to the club. There’re two gorgeous blondes waiting for me to rock their night…
My brother wakes me at three in the morning because his boss, Mr. Rich & Hateful, has an emergency. He makes it sound like a life or death situation, so of course, I run to the penthouse.
And what do I find there, besides my brother and the billionaire jerk? The most beautiful baby girl I’ve ever seen. She’s so small and just perfect, and I fall in love with her at first sight.
Too bad she’s probably related to Mr. Prize—the man is too handsome for his own good, and I can’t stand the sight of him.
I’ll endure his presence, though, for the baby’s sake.
Hopefully, we don’t end up killing each other…

Renegade Vampire

Princesses & Monsters: Not your mother’s fairy tale
Once upon a time, I was a princess, a real one, but the fairy tale is over.
After my parents died, my aunt Marella raised me as her own, but now she’s gone too.
Tomorrow, I’ll be kicked out of my ancestral home with nowhere to live.
I’m desperate.
Desperate enough to consider the unthinkable—becoming a companion and selling myself to a rich and powerful man.
The escort agency caters to a special clientele, though—one I never even imagined existed.
Will I be able to go through with it?

I’ve been protecting Stella for a long time, but she doesn’t know it.
To her, I’m Fabian Laurentis, world-famous actor and playboy. But I’m so much more than that. I’m an ancient and powerful vampire, and the only reason she’s still alive.
She’s about to make the worst mistake of her life, and I refuse to let her.
She’s mine.
She won’t belong to anyone else, but me.