The Lost Centurion – KU Excerpt

I’d rather die in your arms than live without knowing what it felt like having you

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Marcus’s hands went to her face to wipe her tears, and Diana couldn’t hold her sobs anymore.

“Did I do something wrong, little thing?” He brushed her eyes with his lips, his hands caressing her body again in long soothing caresses.

She lowered her head to his chest, too overwhelmed to find the words to answer him.

“Diana?” He raised her chin with a finger, then left a chaste peck on her closed lips. “Are you okay?”

She nodded and he lowered his head to kiss her again. When he gently pushed at her lips to coax them open, a rush of pleasure made her lightheaded, and she anchored herself to him, grabbing his arms circling her.

He misunderstood her gesture and leaned his upper body away from her. “May I kiss you?”

Diana saw the intensity in his stare and heard the pleading tone in his voice. She knew he thought he would perish if she denied him that kiss and so she had to tell him her secret. “It was my first kiss.”

It took a moment for him to react to her statement, but his eyes became liquid.

She had to lower hers. “I’ve never been kissed before.”

Without letting go of her, Marcus fell on his knees and pressed his face against her belly, his strong back shaking, his arms tightening around her waist. She passed her fingers through his hair and let her tears flow, then kneeled before him and laid her forehead against his. “Kiss me as you’ve never kissed a woman before.”

She tasted his tears on her lips when he gently sought her mouth, and she lowered herself to the deck, bringing him down with her. In his embrace, she forgot her past and only experienced the present. The pressure of his body on hers, his teeth gently scraping her bottom lip, his tongue dancing with hers. She pulled his shirt up, needing to feel his skin on hers, then passed her flat palms over his chest. The hunger was there, always present, trying to override all her senses, but her physical desire won the battle. Soon the quality of her shivers changed, leaving her without breath and with a different ache to soothe. Her hands went to the leather belt tying his jeans too tightly and her fingers fumbled with the buckle.

He chuckled between hungry kisses. “Let me.” His hands joined hers and he guided her in freeing the belt from his jeans, then still together they opened the first two buttons. He emitted a sound with his throat and released her hands.

She let her fingers roam lower and was surprised when she didn’t find boxers under his pants. Under her touch, his skin was so warm he could have run a fever. With her index fingernail, she drew small circles over his hip, then slowly worked her way down the inside of his thigh. She loved to watch and feel how his whole body reacted to her exploration, how he let her play with him, how he wasn’t ashamed to shiver under her touch. He made her feel empowered to take what she wanted, and what she wanted was to give him pleasure. She lowered his jeans and fully exposed him, then bent to give him the most intimate of kisses.