The Broken Angel by Monica La Porta

Monica La Porta:

A great review for my fallen angel, courtesy of Rosie Amber.

Originally posted on Rosie Amber:

The Broken Angel (The Immortals, #3)The Broken Angel by Monica La Porta

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Broken Angel is book three in the Immortal series, a stand alone novel it was still lovely to re-acquaint myself with some of the characters from the first two books. The books are set in and around Rome and combine chic modern Italy, romantic scenery and a paranormal world.

Book three is about Samuel, a fallen Angel who gave up his responsibility for the souls on new-borns in their journey from the womb to mortal life, all because he fell in love with a human. A Human who rejected him once he’d made his decision and left Samuel shunned for all eternity. Now Samuel is a liaison officer between the paranormal species working at the Immortal Council Headquarters in Rome.

Given a new assignment Samuel must look into Vampire blood-dealing issues. He runs into trouble on…

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Wolf Pack Sale and Giveaway: Shifters only

Lately, I’ve found this fabulous group on Facebook, The Wolf Pack: For Readers Who Like a Good Howl and I confess I spend lots of time browsing the other authors’ posts looking for my next paranormal/shifter themed read. When the opportunity for a joined sale arose, I immediately signed The Hidden Demon for it, because I knew that Peter’s and Ophelia’s story would be a perfect fit. All the shifter titles below are either 99 cents or free, but, please, double check before buying.

All the books on sale (99cents or FREE) are listed below
remember, prices can change without notice so verify before you buy!
Amazon Gift Cards

Available on AMAZON… (note: many of these titles also available on other retailers; click here to see descriptions and links for all retailers!)

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First Rant of the Year

I’ll keep it short.

Remember, every time a reader returns a book he has just copied for a refund, a fictional character dies.

That’s it.

Don't Do It!

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The Hidden Demon is out for preorders!

THD multiplied and flames

The Hidden Demon, book #4 in The Immortals, is available for preorders on both Amazon and Smashwords. As per my previous releases in this series, I will price it at 99 cents only at launch. It is my way of thanking my loyal readers who never cease to amaze me with their kindness.






The Hidden Demon:

A pariah among paranormals, Peter can touch the dead and read their last thoughts. Once an angel, now a demon, he is only tolerated by most because of his gift. Cursed with the power of influencing every woman or man he touches, Peter has lost any hope to experience true intimacy and companionship.
Headstrong and sensual as only werewolves can be, Ophelia is desperately in love with her best friend, Samuel, who is in love with someone else. In the middle of her personal crisis, Rome is taken by storm by the latest archeology discovery, and as a forensic anthropologist, Ophelia is called to shed some light on the remains of a young couple embraced for eternity.
Peter is sent to the site to help identify the dead. Amidst Roman villas’ ruins and a mystery that has lasted for two millennia, he meets the striking werewolf, and Ophelia’s exotic beauty and sharp tongue pique his interest immediately.
Ophelia, too, is affected by Peter’s magnetism. Despite her heart belonging to someone else, Ophelia feels a pull toward Peter at first sight. An attraction that only grows stronger despite her doubts.
Unfortunately, what has started like any other reading for Peter soon becomes a nightmare in which real enemies from several factions want him and Ophelia dead rather than let them discover the truth.
Will they survive a manhunt the likes of which Rome has never seen? But most of all, will Peter and Ophelia remain unscathed by the fire of their burning passion?

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Stories on the Go: 101 very short stories by 101 authors

Stories on the GoI lurk every day on several forums, but the one place where I spend most of the time I should otherwise engage in writing is the Writers’ Café on the KBoards. If you write, I strongly suggest you to visit the Writers’ Café and mingle. Even a social media-shy person like me feels welcome there, and the amount of information you’ll receive about the publishing craft is priceless. Maybe a year ago, Hugh Howey launched this crazy idea on Kboards asking indies to write a short and put together an anthology. By general consensus, it was decided the pieces should have been no longer than 1000 words. I wrote my flash fiction piece and asked friends to beta read it for me. I was quite pleased with my short, Eternal Bounds, a daunting love story narrated by a ghost. Meanwhile, the original post started by Hugh Howey had reached mammoth proportions, and the project was put in standby. Several months later, the thread was resurrected and Andrew Ashling offered to help publish the anthology. Stories on the Go: 101 very short stories by 101 Authors is the result. And it’s free because, true to its original inception, the anthology is meant to be a showcase of indies’ talents. So, please, grab a copy, talk about it, and leave a review for us.

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The Hidden Demon: Final Cover

After carefully taking in serious consideration all the comments made on my Facebook page, this is the cover I created. It is final. For now.

THD multiplied and flames

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Christmas Lites IV

Cristmas Lites 3 x800

I am so proud to be part of Amy Eye’s Christmas charity project once again. This year, in addition to a space opera short I wrote for Christmas Lites IV, I also made the cover.

Help support the NCADV (The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence) by diving into 20 delectably wonderful Christmas tales told by authors from all over the world. Go on a space adventure, meet a demon with a heart not quite made of gold, find true love, discover a serial killer and much more. Every dime of your purchase goes to help support the victims of domestic violence. Enjoy your holiday even more knowing your purchase benefits so many people in this special time of year!

The fantastic authors who participated with their stories:

Ron C. Nieto

Phil Cantrill

Mysti Parker

Vered Ehsani

Tricia Kristufek

Jonathan Tidball

JA Clement

K.A. Davur

Frank W. Smith

Mark Mackey

Addison Moore

Amy Eye

Monica La Porta

S. Patrick Pothier

Anne Sanders

MaryMargret Tucker

A.F. Stewart

D.T. Dyllin

Angela Yuriko Smith

Brandon Eye

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