I read between books. Beside my bed there is a stack of books fresh from the Library. The stack is always there. I keep adding a book as soon as I finish reading one. If I am traveling I check if my Kindle is charged every five minutes. It’s called Excessive Compulsive Reading Syndrome (ECRS). ECRS’s are part addicts, part romantics, and one hundred percent certified detached from reality. There is no literature about this syndrome, mostly because I just invented it, and also because I didn’t have time to write about it. I intend to rectify this slight. ECRS is not fatal, but is not curable either. Furthermore, significant others of ECRS’s will suffer along their houses, offspring, and pets, because they are not: knights in shining armors, manors, geniuses, mythological creatures. It is proved (by my intensive study on the subject) that buying flowers, chocolates, strings of black pearls, can help the ECRS’s in connecting with this plane of existence, otherwise known as nowadays Earth. Just recently (as in right now I am writing it) it has been also suggested that breakfasts in bed, romantic gateways in Cancun, sensual courtships, and the occasional love letter, can improve the ECRS’s symptoms.  Avoid at all costs to approach the ECRS’s when the time is not right (it changes every month if the patient is not regular). Soothing words, warm chocolate, and skillful massages, will help if, having discarded the professional warning, the contact has already happened. When in doubt administer freshly brewed tea at regular intervals. Beware of the times when the Library Express is under maintenance and Saturn is in opposition . Just run away.


9 thoughts on “ECRS

  1. Love your wit, very charming 🙂 you are just like Belle with her nose always in a new book!
    I know this syndrome…it’s dangerous, especially if you read too many Romantics-good fiction is hardly real life 🙂

    1. Grazie per evangelizzare la causa. ECRS e’ una sindrome poco nota (anche perche’ me la sono inventata solo ieri notte), ma puo’ avere grosse ripercussioni sociali e familiari ( ma soprattutto la seconda che ho detto). All’uopo ho creato una pagina di fb, ed anche un evento ( che essendo il primo ancora non ha avuto grosso successo di pubblico e critica, forse anche l’ora non ha aiutato, ma son quisquilie).

  2. Anna says:

    Io aggiungerei che la sindrome si puo` controllare con inaspettati cadeu letterari: la sottoscritta sorride, pregusta con gioia il momento di leggere i libri ricevuti. Il momento di grazia dura a lungo quanto piu` alta la pila di libri ricevuti…

    1. da notare anche che la pila dei libri tende a spostarsi di stanza in stanza seguendo il ECReader nelle sue peregrinazioni. Scrivero’ quanto prima come utilizzare un comodo zainetto per poter gestire il peso senza aggiungere una scoliosi alla gia’ presente sindrome.

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