Ode To My Public Library System, And Other Relevant Facts

I live in the most nurturing environment for an aspiring writer. Not only the Northwest is moody enough to evoke vampires and werewolves without having to wait for the darkness of the night. But when November comes even the King County Library System (my personal pusher when, as a self diagnosed ECReader, I need my book-fix) comes out to help nanowriters in distress. This year KCLS has organized seminars about the complex art of writing, editing, drawing cartoons, and even how to deal with zombies in your novel. I am ashamed to confess that I didn’t go to any of them. It wasn’t premeditated though. I did sign on a piece of paper all the dates I was most interested in. Then life, in the form of Thanksgiving’s dinner and adverse weather conditions, made me stay home. I know, it’s the adult equivalent of dog-ate-my-homework excuse, but what can I say? I am an adult, and I can’t use the same excuse twice. The moral of this tale is clear. I still don’t have zombies in my stories. Nevertheless they are all the rage right now, and I should have gone to at least that seminar. Next year I promise not to sleep during the whole month of November, so I can go to seminars during the day, and write at night. It sounds like a solid plan, especially if I get to sleep through October. Maybe I can even start now. Sleeping, I mean. Anyway, I did finish my 50,000 words’ novel, and I am proud to announce that as prequels go, I have to change names and facts in the sequel I am currently still writing. All in all, a big confusion inside my head. Maybe zombies didn’t make an apparition in my writing, but they ate my brain…food for thoughts?

Ode To My Public Library System, And Other Relevant Facts

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