Being Human Gone Dutch, and Renewed

We are almost at the end of the first season and the Syfy show has been granted a second chance. Being Human has managed to gather the numbers, and the feminine audience. I have spent some time reading the reactions to the announcement, and I have noticed a big schism between the Brits loyalist and the Yankees. Since I am neither British or American, I can draw my conclusions without being accused of patriotism.

As I said before, I like the two series for different reasons. British Being Human (BBH) is always funny, sometimes whimsical, rarely predictable. American Being Human (ABH) is always coherent, sometimes funny, rarely dull.

Obviously there are aspects I don’t like in both shows. I wasn’t fond of the characterization of the psycho fiancée in BBH, and I don’t like the Dutch vampires in ABH. Ironically I don’t like the fiancée because his character is too exaggerated, and I don’t like the Dutch because they come out flat.

Speaking of the Dutch, SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen the last three episodes. They represent another step into uncharted territory for the American show. The Dutch vampires, whose sudden appearance at the end of the show seems slightly deus ex machina , are ancient beings. They mostly sleep, hanging like giant bats, and once every fifty years are called to supervise and judge the health of the modern vampire’s society. Bishop is under scrutiny because his plan to create an army of vampires to go mainstream doesn’t conform to the rules. The Dutch, tipped by treacherous Marcus, have come to straight things up. The idea was good, the rendition is not. The Amish vampires are not cool. On the other hand, Bishop does everything right. He uses the ancients’ way of life against them. His character shines where the Dutch’s shrivel.

One final note, actually three. First, Rebecca dies, as in BBH, which somehow I didn’t expect. ABH  has gone so far and beyond its homonym that Rebecca could have easily lived and found a place in the new season. Second, Nora is pregnant. And again, I didn’t see that coming either. While I am mildly disappointed by Rebecca’s sudden departure, I am pleased by Nora’s furry bundle of joy. Third, Aidan’s long lost flame, Celine, comes back from the past, as in BBH, although so much more is added to the story.

Looking forward to ABH season finale, and then I will catch up with BBH, which meanwhile has been renewed as well.

Being Human Gone Dutch, and Renewed

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