Being Human Done For The Summer

At the end American Being Human (ABH) didn’t let its viewers down. And, since time is a precious commodity, SPOILER ALERT from now on.

So, Bishop is dead, but not at Josh’s hands . Sally and Aidan team up and take care of the deed, leaving the future dad closed in the safe room. And everything would be fine, but Nora shows up. 

After so many twists and turns ABH and BBH converge on the season finale. I liked that Aidan takes full responsibility of Bishop’s death. His character is growing in the right direction. Aidan is conflicted in his choices, and he is dark enough without being melodramatic. On a side note, Celine’s sacrifice could have been depicted better. After spending two episodes showing how cute she was with her French-Canadian accent, and how much Aidan cared for her, her death is anticlimactic.

Josh ends up infecting pregnant Nora. It promises drama aplenty for the new season.

Sally misses the moment and doesn’t go through the door, but in the process she acquires corporeal powers. Although her fate is still unresolved Sally becomes gradually stronger, and on the final episode she is the one who has accomplished the most. I like the way the authors slowly have built the ghost character through the season.

Time to watch BBH now.

Being Human Done For The Summer

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