Being Human Done For The Summer

At the end American Being Human (ABH) didn’t let its viewers down. And, since time is a precious commodity, SPOILER ALERT from now on.

So, Bishop is dead, but not at Josh’s hands . Sally and Aidan team up and take care of the deed, leaving the future dad closed in the safe room. And everything would be fine, but Nora shows up. 

After so many twists and turns ABH and BBH converge on the season finale. I liked that Aidan takes full responsibility of Bishop’s death. His character is growing in the right direction. Aidan is conflicted in his choices, and he is dark enough without being melodramatic. On a side note, Celine’s sacrifice could have been depicted better. After spending two episodes showing how cute she was with her French-Canadian accent, and how much Aidan cared for her, her death is anticlimactic.

Josh ends up infecting pregnant Nora. It promises drama aplenty for the new season.

Sally misses the moment and doesn’t go through the door, but in the process she acquires corporeal powers. Although her fate is still unresolved Sally becomes gradually stronger, and on the final episode she is the one who has accomplished the most. I like the way the authors slowly have built the ghost character through the season.

Time to watch BBH now.

Being Human Done For The Summer

Being Human Getting Personal

As I wrote before, I wondered if the American Being Human (ABH) was going to follow the British version (BBH) or not. It is and it isn’t from what I have seen so far. I have just started watching BBH’s second season, and ABH’s six episodes, and I have by now a clear idea of the route both series have taken. Spoiler Alert after the break.

ABH is following the basic structure of the British series, but it is also evolving in something interesting and quite different. The first noticeable difference is in the addition of several minor characters that help furthering the plot and the character growing. In the sixth episode Josh’s sister, Emily, is left by her girlfriend and is back in his life. Sally meets a new friend while going out with Aidan. And Aidan earlier on fights demons come back from his past. Meanwhile Sally’s best friend, Bridget, falls in love with her fiancé. Among all the changes the ABH has introduced, I like this the most. Changing an anonymous bitchy and tacky character for someone Sally knew and loved gives the story a different pace. Sally’s murderous fiancée, Danny, is also more credible than the British counterpart. The way Sally, as a ghost, interacts with the rest of the characters is also more credible because regulated by precise rules and limitations.

I was surprised to see that in the  ABH sixth episode the vampire-porn dvd makes its apparition. And again, I thought that it was well done. Instead of having a naked dude humping the air and being killed by an invisible vampire, the scene in the ABH is shot showing the vampire, Rebecca, and making her the protagonist of the shooting. Elegant solution for a problematic scene.

On the other hand, BBH is funnier. When George tries his worst to score a date with Nina, she answers back showing her attitude. I immediately liked her sassiness. When Josh does exactly the same thing with Nora, even the pattern of the dialogue was similar, she reacts threatening him to call HR for harassment. Not cool.

Looking forward to the next ABH to see what the writers have done with the dvd’s plot.

Being Human Getting Personal