Talking about The Priest

banner_thepriestMarketing the book you wrote can be a daunting experience. It is for me. But when nobody knows you and your presence on social networks is scarce, you must talk about it, somehow. So, I spent the whole day Sunday studying how to push my book without pushing it and, most importantly,  how to avoid becoming the friend who wrote a book and nobody wants to frequent anymore. After a discreet amount of frowning, sighing, and downright swearing in Italian, I reached the conclusion that word of mouth, someone else’s mouth, not mine, it’s my only hope. But, to be realistic, I’ve also decided that, after all, one day a week will be devoted to market my book. This is where I started. And, I must admit, I had fun in writing that piece. This is another place, Kindle Board, where I can promote my work. Only time will tell what works and what not. For now, I’m simply trying to reach out.

Talking about The Priest

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