Happily Dizzy

Pax is officially in the hand of the proofreaderDCP_7037 and I should be writing my daily quota of words for my wips, but I can’t. I’m too happy. It’s paralyzing. In the last three days, I’ve received two, not one, but two, amazing reviews for The Priest. The first is from an author, Javier Robayo who wanted to read it. The second is from a blogger I reached out to. In both cases, I was nervous about the result for different reasons.

Javier I’ve come to know and consider a kindred soul. I never ask people I know to read what I write. I don’t stop anybody, but I don’t encourage them either. It wouldn’t be fair to put them in a situation where they didn’t like the story but still felt they had to say something nice to me. I like honesty, but I understand it’s not easy to tell a friend, “Look, I truly hated your book, because of this, this, and also that.” Therefore, when Javier told me he’d bought the book and wanted to write a review about it, I hoped I didn’t let him down. It seems I have not.

Regarding the second review, I was nervous because I reached out to the blogger asking for her time. Finding bloggers who accept materials that is not YA is a time consuming task. I spend several hours every week looking for a book blogger who is willing to take a look at a science fiction/dystopian title meant for a mature audience. So far, I’ve found only a handful of them. Every time I send a copy to a blogger, I feel I’m sending my baby into the wild without a word of advice. Today, I was surprised  to find the blogger’s review on Goodreads, and she didn’t spare nice words. Thankfully, Mauricio passed the test again.

I know the day will come when my books will have terrible reviews. For now, I’m just happily dizzy. Cheers!

Happily Dizzy

4 thoughts on “Happily Dizzy

  1. Monica, if it’s free and not YA, I’ll read anything and give a review or beta, if it’s reciprocated. Your books sound as if they might be to my taste.

    It’s a great feeling when someone you don’t know likes your writing, but I had one star for a short story and the comment was ‘eguh’, so (unless it was Lithuanian for ‘rubbish’) I discounted it.

    1. Hi, J.D., thank you for stopping by and thank you for considering reading my words. My series is not YA, but I haven’t used my free days for The Priest, yet. I’ll let you know when it happens. Regarding ratings, I know I’ll have a deluge of one stars sooner or later, every author gets them. Hopefully, some of them will be funny ‘eguh’ to make me smile 🙂

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